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Progressive reformers study guide

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Margaret Sanger
Birth Control Advocate, Woman's Rights activist
Alice Paul
Women's Suffragist
Carrie Chapman Catt
Women's Suffragist
Jane Addams
Hull House, rights of poor and immigrants
Florence Kelly
Fought Child Labor
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Women and Economics
Louis Brandeis
Brandeis Brief, working conditions for women
Frank Norris
Wrote The Octopus
Upton Sinclair
Muckraker, Meat Packing Reform
John Muir
Ida Tarbell
Standard Oil expose, Muckraker
Jacob Riis
Photographer and Muckraker
Lincoln Steffens
Muckrakers and Cities
Theodore Roosevelt
Progressive Pres.
Woodrow Wilson
Progressive Pres.
William Howard Taft
Progressive Pres.
Gifford Pinchot
Robert La Follette
Progressive Gov., Wisconsin Idea
Sigmund Linvingston
Founded the ADL(Anti-semitism)
Frances E Willard
Temperance movement
Carry Nation
William "Big Bill" Haywood
Leader of IWW(Industrial Workers of the world)
Susan B Anthony
Women's Rights
Lewis Hine
Child Labor Photography
Lillian Wald
Public Services for the Poor
WEB duBois
Civil Rights, Niagara Movement
Booker T. Washington
Civil Rights, Tuskegee Institute
Ida B Wells
Civil Rights, Anti-Lynching