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questions and answers revision

statements correctly identify the role of intermediary devices in the network?

1. determine pathways for data
2. retime and retransmit data signals
3.manage data flows

statements that are correct concerning network protocols?

1.define the structure of layer specific PDU's
2.outline the functions necessary for communications between layers
3.require layer dependent encapsulations

What are two functions of encapsulation?

1.identifies pieces of data as part of the same communication
2.ensures that data pieces can be directed to the correct receiving end device

a primary function of the trailer information added by the data link layer encapsulation?

supports error detection

Which two layers of the OSI model have the same functions as the TCP/IP model Network Access Layer?

2.Data Link

What is a PDU?

a layer specific encapsulation

characteristic correctly refers to end devices in a network?

originate data flow

three statements best describe a Local Area Network (LAN)?

1.A LAN is usually in a single geographical area.
2.The network is administered by a single organization.
3.A LAN provides network services and access to applications for users within a common organization.

networking term describes the data interleaving process?


primary purpose of Layer 4 port assignment?

to identify the processes or services that are communicating within the end devices

13. What device is considered an intermediary device?


Which layer encapsulates the segment into packets?


What can be identified by examining the network layer header?

the destination host address

During the encapsulation process, what occurs at the data link layer?

The physical address is added.

What is the purpose of the TCP/IP Network Access layer?

network media control

What is the proper order of the layers of the OSI model from the highest layer to the lowest layer?

application, presentation, session, transport, network, data link, physical

which Protocols are examples of TCP/IP TRANSPORT LAYER PROTOCOLS?


which Protocols examples of TCP/IP network access layer protocols?

1. Ethernet
2. UDP

The process of HTTP asking TCP to send some data and make sure that it is received correctly is an example of what?

Adjacent-layer interaction occurs on one computer, with two adjacent layers in the model. the higher layer requests services from the next lower layer, and the lower layer provides the service to the next higher layer.

the process of TCP on one computer marking a segment as segment 1, and the receiving computer then acknowledging the receipt of segment 1, is an example of what?

same-layer interaction occurs on multiple computers. the functions defined by that layer typically need to be accomplished by the multiple computers-for example, the sender setting a sequence number for a segment, and the receiver acknowledging receipt of that segment. A single layer defines that process, but the implementation of that layer on multiple devices is required to accomplish the function.

the process of a web server adding a TCP header to a web page, following by adding an IP header and then a data link header and trailer is an example of what?

Encapsulation is defined as the process of adding a header in front of data supplied by a higher layer ( and possibly adding a trailer as well).

terms is used specifically to identify the entity that is created when encapsulating data inside data link layer headers and trailers?


Which OSI layer defines the functions of logical network-wide addressing and routing?

layer 3

Which OSI layer defines the standard for cabling and connectors?

layer 1

Which OSI layer defines for data formats and encryption?

layer 6

which of the following terms are not vaild terms for the names of the seven OSI layers?

OSI includes the transport layer (not transmission layer) and the network layer (not Internet layer)

which address layer is associated with ip addressing?

layer 3

2 types of addressing is found in OSI layer 2?

1. physical
2. MAC


formal rules outling the structure and process of network communications.


term used for data packet,often implying a specific layer or a protocol


interleaving data streams into smaller pieces suitable for transmission.

transport layer

1. segment
2.sequence numbers
3. port numbers

network layer

2. logical addressing
3. IP address

data layer

1. frame
2.Mac address
3.physical addressing

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