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all-out war

America's first great challenge was to retool its industry for _________ production.


Unlike WWI, during WWII, the United States was nearly in _________ support of the war.

internment camps

Although Japanese Americans were placed in these during WWII as a result of anti-Japanese prejudice and fear, most ethnic groups were further assimilated into American society.


The general American attitude toward WWII was less idealistic and ideological and more _________ than the outlook in WWI.

wage and price

Despite the demands of the wartime economy, inflation was kept in check during the war by federally imposed _________ controls.


The US government had to commission production in _________ due to the fact that most of it came from Southeast Asia.

War Production Board

assigned priorities with respect to the use of raw materials and transportation facilities

Office of Price Administration

controlled inflation by rationing essential goods

National War Labor Board

Imposed ceilings on wage increases

Fair Employment Practices Commission

saw to it that no hiring discrimination practices were used against blacks seeking employment in war industries

United Mine Workers

an industrial union of mine workers in North America


During WWII labor unions _________ their membership.

six million

Amount of women employed in American indusry during WWII

day-car centers

The high employment of women led to the creation of these by the government

Rosie the Riveter

symbol of American women who went to work in factories during the war

Army Air Corps (Tuskegee)

During WWII, African Americans served in this.

Congress of Racial Equality

During WWII, African Americans formed this militant organization

North (and) West

African Americans moved ___ and ___ in search of work

Double V

Rally behind this slogan (victory over dictators abroad and racism at home)

Navajo Code Talkers

Native Americans from the Navajo tribe used their own language to make a code for the U.S. military that the Japanese could not decipher

National Debt

This increased the most during WWII (up to that point)

war bonds

Most of the money raised to finance WWII came from borrowing from the American public through these

Battle of Coral Sea

(May 1942) First naval battle in history that took place entirely in the air; saved Australia

Battle of Midway

(June 1942) Battle for a tiny air field that saved Hawaii; turning point of the Pacific campaign

island hopping

strategy of Allies in World War 2 of capturing some Japanese-held islands and going around others


horrifically bloody battle to protect the lifeline from America to Australia

10 to 1

Casualty ratio of Japanese to Americans that persisted throughout the Pacific war


The US seizes _________ which now allows US aircraft to conduct round-trip bombing raids on Japanese home islands.

Kamikaze pilots

Japanese suicide pilots who would crash their planes into ships and military bases in order to cause lots of damage

Suicide Cliff

Japanese civilians commit suicide by the thousands in Saipan

Battle of Britain

the prolonged bombardment of British cities by the German Luftwaffe during World War II and the aerial combat that accompanied it


German submarines

North Africa and Italy

Instead of opening up a second front in France, Britain and the US attack Hitler's forces in _________ and _________.


US first taste of the war in North Africa was a slaughter in this region

Roosevelt and Churchill

agreed that nothing short of Germany's unconditional surrender would be accepted; felt this was the only way that Germany could be totally reconstructed after the war

Suez canal

British General Montgomery holds this


Commander of the German forces

"Soft Underbelly" Campaign

Instead of the Allies invading Nazi-held France, they attacked the German's in North Africa and then Italy.


He is overthrown and as a result, Italy surrenders


Italy's surrender allowed _________ to be delayed and the Soviet Union to push the Germans back out of the USSR

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