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Industry (key issue 1 & 2)

When was the industrial revolution?
what began the industrial revolution?
the steam engine
new tech
major force in worldwide development
Where did the industrial revolution primarily take place?
W. Europe, The USA, and Japan
what did the industrial revolution change?
dramatic change in society, politics and economies
how did the industrial revolution begin?
began with process of technological diffusion from textiles to factory production
what did James Watt do?
he perfected the steam engine
what did the invention of the steam engine lead to?
advantages in transportation
What did robert fultons do?
steam boat!
what did steam power lead to?
factories and machinery
what did the iron industry lead to?
steel, coal and modern engineering.
textile production led to
chemicals and food processing
Where did the IR begin?
Great Britain
diffusion of tech and production methods where to
USA and northern Europe
which countries dominated industrially?
why did the industrial revolution begin?
because of raw materials coal and iron
Who was William Hedley?
he demonstrated that the "iron horse" could run on rails if wheels had rims
who invented tails?
richard reynolds
first public locomotive was used where?
in england in 1825
when did the textile industry take off?
between the 1760-1800
who developed canning?
nicholas appert
who invented the tin can? in what year?
peter durand in 1839
what symbolized the industrial revolution?
crystal palace (built to symbolize)
world wide diffusion of manufacturing occured in 4 clusters...what where they?
1. E. North America
2. W. Europe
3. E. Europe & Russia
4. Japan
What % of the world's land is used for manufacturing?
where are most factories located?
in rural or sub-urban areas
Where are raw materials located?
in E.Europe & Russia
near rivers for transportation
what are the major industrial areas
N. America
NW. Europe
E. Europe/Russia
E. Asia
The new england region has what type of traditional industry?
ship building and textiles
define: Right to work
yu can chose to be part of a union
where us right to work optional
in south only
In E. asia what 2 countries import raw materials and export products?
Japan & Korea
Mixed high tech and haevy industry is located in what region?
E. Asia
What % of copper in the US is mined?
give an example of a bulk reducing industry in the United States
give an example of Bulk Gaining
bottling companies