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  1. groupthink
  2. triad
  3. Downward mobility
  4. dyad
  5. caste system
  1. a refers to someone dropping out of school, losing a job, or becoming divorced
  2. b is a social stratification based on ascription or birth. It is a closed system because birth alone determines a person's entire future, with little or no social mobility
  3. c the tendency of group members to conform, resulting ina narrow view of some issue.
  4. d a social group with two members
  5. e a social group with three members

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  1. to describe a focus on rules and regulations to the point of undermining an organizations goal.
  2. cultural beliefs that justify particular social arrangements, including patterns of inequality
  3. is a model of economic and social development that explains global inequality in terms of historical exploitation of poor nations by rich ones. Dependency theory
  4. a composite ranking based on various dimensions of social inequality.
  5. the experience of isolation and misery resulting from powerlessness

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  1. Davis-Moore thesisstates that social stratification has beneficial consequences for the operation of society


  2. absolute povertythe lack of resources of some people in relation to those who have more.


  3. neocolonial ismthe process by which some nations enrich themselves through pilitical and economic control of other nations


  4. medicalization devianceis a model of economic and social development that explains global inequality in terms of teachnoligical and cultural difference between nations. Max Weber


  5. Labeling theorythe idea that deviance and conformity result not so much from what people do as from how others respond to those actions.