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Exact Match

The condition that requires a value in a specified field to be identical to the specified condition is called a(n)


You can tell if a field will appear in the query datasheet if there is a check mark in the field's ________check box in the design grid.


To include a field in a query, you can click and _______the field from the field list to the design grid.


In a form with a main form and a subform, there will be two sets of _________________ buttons for use in selecting records from each of the tables.

Report Wizard

The Access feature that can guide you through the creation of a report by asking questions is called the _____________.


When creating a form based on two tables, you create a subform for data from the _____ table.

Common Field

When you create a form containing data from two tables that have a one-to-many relationship, Access uses the defined relationship between the two tables to automatically join the tables through the _______________that exists in both tables.


To open the Find and Replace dialog box, click the Find button on the ________tab.

External Data and Import

You can import a table from another Access database into your current database using the ____________ tab of the ________ group on the Ribbon.

Navigation Pane

A defined query for an open database can be selected by double-clicking in the _______________ of the Database window.


When creating a form based on two tables, you create a form for data from the ________ table.


Forms for tables that have a one-to-many relationship will have a(n) _________form and a subform


To create a form based on two tables, you must first define a(n) ___________ between the two tables.


The default query name is __________.


Each object in the Navigation Pane has a unique_____to indicate the type of object.


If you have a Customer ID field with values like 1234, you should use the _________data type.

Primary Key

In a given table, a field is defined as a(n) ____________ when its values uniquely identify each record in the table.

External Data

You use the ____________________ tab if you want to import data from an Excel worksheet.


The aggregate function, _______, returns the number of the non null field values in a selection of records.


A pattern match uses _________ characters.

Related Table

If a form shows two forms of two different tables, the bottom form is for the _________.


If you only know the first or last part of a numeric value, use the ___ character when searching.


The _____ character will match any single alphabetic character


A form is a(n) _______ that you can use to maintain, view, and print records in a database.


To find the names of Johnson, Johnston, and Johnstone in form records, use _____.


To delete a record, select the record in ________ view


You can use a common field to create relationships between tables by performing a(n) ____.

Design Grid

The fields and selection criteria for a query are included in the __________.


A range of values may be specified as selection criteria by using the __________ operator.


Operators used in selection criteria in a query, such as equal, not equal, or greater than, are known as ___________ operators.


When you sort a field with a Yes/No data type in _________ sort order, the no values display first, followed by the yes values.


Reference _______ is a feature built in to Access to prevent data inconsistency in related tables.


The ____________ relationship exists between two tables when one record in the first table matches zero, one, or many records in the second table.


The ____ operator will cause a record to be selected only if two or more conditions are satisfied.


To add a picture to a form, click the ____ button.


To just modify a form's style, you would first change to _____ view

None of the above

An example of a relational Database is


To see the results of a query, you must ____ it.


When a query is run, the datasheet contents are ________.


Access can guide you through the steps to create a query by using the Query ____.


The maximum size of a Text data type is ___ characters.

Must contain a unique value for each record within a table

A primary key ____.

None of the above

A relational database management system is a collection of ____________

Aggregate Function

Statistical information, such as totals and averages, can be calculated in a query by using a(n) ________________.


The join line for a one-to-many relationship will show the ________ symbol on the "many" end of the line.


You cannot update data while viewing a query datasheet


In a one-to-many relationship, the primary table is the "many" table.


Multiple selection conditions can be specified in a query by using relational operators.


The F5 key is a toggle that you use to switch between the Table Design grid and the Field Properties pane


Access allows you to change a field size in Datasheet view.


You can import a table from another Access database into your current database using the Import button on the Ribbon.


Aggregate functions perform arithmetic and statistical operations on selected records.


The Navigation Pane divides database objects into categories, and each category contains groups


A single set of field values within a table is a record.


A database is a collection of related tables.


Access allows you to modify a table structure in Datasheet view


Access can determine what data type to assign to each field based on the values you enter for the field. If the values entered do not provide enough information for Access to guess& the data type, the default type assigned is the Text data type.

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