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Needle Injector

an instrument used to impel specially designed metal pins (with wire attached to each pin) into bone. Normal use would be as mouth closures.

Angle Scissors

Autopsy Aspirator

Used to aspirate (suction) blood and arterial fluid from the cavities of autopsied bodies. It has many openings to avoid clogging

Cresent Three-eighths circle needles with spring eye

Drain Tube

Metal cylinder with cleaning rod, inserted into vein. Always inserted toward the center of drainage (right atrium). They help to keep vein expanded & can be closed to BUILD VENOUS PRESSURE. A hose can easily be attaached to drainage outlet, so blood can be easily contraolled, collected, disinfected, disposed of.

Embalming Hand Pump

historical instrument resembling a large hypodermic syringe attached to a bottle apparatus; used to create either pressure for injection or vacuum for aspiration

Alagator Hemostat Locking Forceps


Quarter turn type of arterial tubes.

Loopuypt Suture Needle

Nasal Tube Aspirator

Attached to aspirating hose. Designed to be inserted into the nostril or throat for limited aspiration of the nasal passage or throat

Threaded A Y Tube

Alagator Hemostat

Aneurysm Hook

an embalming instrument that is used for blunt dissection and in raising vessels.

Angular Springs

Arterial Fixsation Hemostat

Used to hold the Arterial tube in an Artery

Bistoury Knife

Curved cutting instrument. cuts from inside outward. Used for opening arteries & veins. also used to excision of tissues

Curved Threaded Arterial Tube

Calvarium Clamp

a device used as a means of fastening the Calvarium after a cranial autopsy

Drain Tube

tubular instrument of varying diameter and shape, preferably with a plunger, that is inserted into a vein in drainage of blood and to restrict the exit of vascular embalming fluid


a thin, dome-like shell made of hardened cloth, metal, or plastic placed beneath eyelids to restore natural curvature and to maintain the position of posed eyelids.

Groove Director

An insturment which may be used to guide an aterial or vein tube into a vessel is the

Half-curved Suture Needle

Hypovalve Trocar

designed for hypodermic treatments. Used for injection & treatment of walls & cavities of AUTOPSIED remains. Hypodermic embalming - injection from machine. has button on it.

Iliac Drain Tube

Long drain tube inserted into the EXTERNAL Illiac Vein and the tip is directed into the right atrium of the heart. Tubes may be soft rubber, plastic or metal

Mouth Former

device used in the mouth to shape the contour of the lips.

Postmortem Double Curved Suture Needle (S Curved)

Postmortem Half-curved Suture Needle


Used to keep vessels elevated above the incision.


used to attach delivery hose from injection device to arterial tube. Valve which maintains & stops flow of fluid into arterial tube.

Straight Scissors

(suture scissors)
-Used for cutting surgical materials

Straight Threaded Arterial Tube

a threaded tube used to inject embalming fluid into the blood vascular system

Tissu Gathering Forceps

Scalpel Handel

A small, light, straight knife used to hold a very sharp blade

Scalpel Blade

Tissue Spreader


sharply pointed surgical instrument used in cavity embalming to aspirate the cavities and inject cavity fluid; the trocar may also be used for supplemental hypodermic embalming

Trocar Button

A plastic threaded screw-like device for closing trocar punctures and other small round openings.

Wire Cutting Scissors

Used to cut metal suture material., used to cut stainless steel wire 1/2 moon divet on both sides,

Hypodermic syringe and needle

A piston syringe that is fitted with a hollow needle for making injections beneath the skin

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