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history since 1863

Herbert Hoover

President blamed for the stock market crash. Believed corporate America would bail us out.

Bonus Army

WWI soldiers who marched for their reparations of 1000 dollars. 20,000 march and McArthur is sent in to disperse them and ends up injuring a lot of veterans. Kills Hoovers ratings


cheap houses that were poorly made for people to live.


money paid by the government for service in WWI. France and England wanted reparations from Germany. Germany had no money so we loaned them money to pay reparations.

Black Tuesday

Stock market crash. 16 million shares traded. Industrial index drops 43% and stocks are worthless. Start of the Depression


preaches change-Alphabet soup- pumps money into the depression but it doesn't work.

Bank Holiday

the Great Depression took place in 1933 when Franklin D. Roosevelt closed the banks from March 6 to March 10 to keep depositors from bankrupting the banking system by withdrawing all their money.


when people only paid 10% of a stock and borrowed the rest from banks and brokers

Dust Bowl

the rain stopped falling on the planes and dust began to blow traveling 1000 miles sometimes. The dust covered everything in the Midwest

Marx Brothers

comedy movies making fun of important figures and made people laugh. Zeppo Marx. Duck Soup ridiculed our politics

Glass-Steagall Act, 1933

intended to help American banks meet the demands of European depositors who wished to convert their dollars to gold.

Agricultural Adjustment Act

May of 1933 provides producers of certain agricultural products at a guaranteed price i.e. wheat, cotton, corn, rice, tobacco, hogs. Sets production limits and set subsidies for farmers leaving some of there land un farmed. This is done by placing a tax on certain food products. This doesn't work because people can't buy the products in the first place. The problem is the landowner gets the money not the sharecropper or land leaser. Another problem is the government would say we will pay you not to farm 10 acres and this would cause the eviction of sharecroppers etc.

National Recovery Administration

set minimum wages and maximum hours a week. The intent was to reduce the quantity of goods that any factory or business could produce.

Tennessee Valley Authority

brings power to everyone, built damns, flood control, raised farm activity, and brought about reforestations

Civil Conservation corporation

help build parks and maintain them.

Charles Coughlin

the radio priest who said the new deal was run by bankers. His growing anti-Semitism discreted him by 1939

Huey Long

built the capital in Bouton Ruge, built roads, schools, hospitals, he was loved. He had a pan called share the wealth-wanted people to have a 2500 wage and wanted people to have houses. He got shot in the capital

New Deal

was the name that United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave to a sequence of programs he initiated between 1933 and 1936 with the goal of giving work (relief) to the unemployed, reform of business and financial practices, and recovery of the economy during The Great Depression. The name of the program was analogous to a new round of a card game: a new deal where the dealer collects all the cards and redistributes them.

Fair Deal

was U.S. President Harry S. Truman's catchphrase for a series of social and economic reforms. Truman believed that the federal government should guarantee economic opportunity and social stability,

Works Progress Administration

1935 builds public buildings, airports, roads, and bridges. Programs for Art and Literature- a lot of people were hurt in the construction sector and people wondered why they did not support private business.

John Maynard Keynes

an economist who said that a government could bring the economy back up by spending money.


was a historian who said the new deal between private power and public interest.

Benito Mussolini

(Italy) in 1935 they decide to invade Ethiopia. They should have destroyed Ethiopia but the lingered there and almost lost

Neville Chamberlin

PM Neville Chamberlin flies back to Britain and says "We will have peace in our time".

Winston Churchill

comes to the US for help- met with Roosevelt for wartime alliance. British Prime Minister


Japan attacked us on Pearl Harbor


US "loaned" munitions to the allies, hoping to avoid war by becoming an arsenal for the allied cause.


Killing of millions of Jews.

Joseph Stalin

- Leader of Russia-Signs non-aggression pat with Germany after they invade Poland-

Manhattan Project

Project included Albert Einstein. Enrico Fermi who gets together and university of Chicago. December of 1942 under the football bleachers at university if Chicago they let loose the first fusion reaction. This was a top-secret program that cost 2 billion dollars. Two main areas were Las Alamos and Wisconsin.

Iwo Jima

February of 1945 we take Iwo Jimma, which is 750 miles from Tokyo and was the most costly battle ever.


- June of 1945 the Marines take Okinawa with 1500 casualties and we build runways

Schechter Brothers

- Supreme Court V NRA- Schechter brothers ran a wholesale poultry business in New York. They said the rules did not apply to them because they did not engage in interstate commerce and the court strikes down the entire premises of the NRA

General Douglas MacArthur

was taken out of the Philippians in may 1942- the Japanese surrendered to him in Tokyo Bay

Dwight D Eisenhower

We move to Berlin but Russia beat us there. Eisenhower was asked why didn't we get to Berlin first. He said let the Russians die if they want to get to Berlin so quickly.

Island Hopping

USA moved from island to island in the war against Japan

Adolf Hitler

In Europe you have Hitler who takes people who are down and out and raise them up and feel good about Germany and the Third Reich. He brought hope to Germany-used blitzkrieg

Pearl Harbor

We lost 188 airplanes 1000 injured over 2400 dead in 2 hours 10 hours later Japanese took Mineola, Guam, Hong Kong, and Singapore Luckily our aircraft carriers were out


in 1935 unconstitutional but Wagner act and social security still intact.

Court Packing

attempt by Roosevelt to appoint one new Supreme Court justice for every sitting justice over the age of 70 who had been there for at least 10 years. Wanted to prevent justices from dismantling the new deal. Plan died in congress and made opponents of New Deal inflamed.


august 6th 1945 the Anole Gay drops an Atomic bomb on Hiroshima and 80 thousand people die. They do not surrender so August the 8th the Soviet Union declares war on Japan. August the 9th we drop the second bomb on Nagasaki and 100 thousand-people die and they surrender. September 2 1945 in Tokyo bay the Japanese will surrender to MacArthur


In the city of Dresden in Germany it is fire bombed-worse then atomic bomb

Axis powers

Mainly Germany. Italy and Japan

Rosie the Riveter

symbol of women working during the War and it empowered women

Earl Warren

chief justice of the Supreme Court nominated by Eisenhower. Very liberal and mistake by Eisenhower.

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