Chapter 11 Pain Assessment

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Cutaneous pain- Skin - Subcutaneous tissueDeep Somatic Pain- Ligaments - Tendons - Bones - Blood Vessels - NervesVisceral Pain- Structures in the abdomen, cranium, or thorax - Diffuse, feels like somatic painRadiating PainPerceived at source and nearby tissuesReferred PainFelt in a part of the body removed form the tissue causing the painIntractable PainHighly resistant to reliefNeuropathic Pain- Result of current or past damage to peripheral or central nervous system - May or may not have a stimulusPhantom PainPerceived in body part that is missing or paralyzedOLDCART- Onset - Location - Duration - Characteristics - Aggravating Factors - Relieving Factors - TreatmentICE- Impact on activities of daily living - Coping strategies - Emotional responsesPQRST- Provokes - Quality - Radiates - Severity - TimeSympathetic Physiologic Responses- Elevation of blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rates - Palor - DiaphoresisParasympathetic Physiologic Responses- Lowered blood pressure, pulse rate - Warm, dry skin