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  1. gauge
  2. enteric-coated
  3. intermittent venous access device
  4. milliequivalent
  5. percent
  1. a refers to the concentration of electrolytes in a certain volume of a solution.
  2. b standard or scale of measurement
  3. c (heparin or saline lock) IV infusion device with a male adapter covered by a rubber diaphragm for intermittent IV therapy
  4. d candy-like coated shell of the tablet to prevent medications from being absorbed in the stomach; absorption takes place in the intestines.
  5. e means "hundredths"

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  1. also called factor labeling. Method that calculates dosages using 3 factors: drug label; conversion; drug order.
  2. in the cheek
  3. an individuals unique hypersensitivity to a particular drug
  4. crushed to powder
  5. quality or state of existing together in harmony

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  1. metabolitesubstance produced by metabolic action, which results in the breakdown of the drug


  2. meansinner terms of the proportion


  3. proportionshows the relationship of one number or quantity to another number or quantity


  4. cumulativetop number of a fraction


  5. drip factormethod that is used to deliver measured amounts of IV solutions at specific flow rates based on the size of drops of the solution