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  1. means
  2. topical applications
  3. parenteral
  4. cumulative
  5. enteric-coated
  1. a candy-like coated shell of the tablet to prevent medications from being absorbed in the stomach; absorption takes place in the intestines.
  2. b increasing by incremental steps with an eventual total; build up in the body
  3. c pertaining to treatment other than through the digestive system
  4. d inner terms of the proportion
  5. e applied to the skin

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  1. quality or state of existing together in harmony
  2. an individuals unique hypersensitivity to a particular drug
  3. drug the will block the action of another drug
  4. method that is used to deliver measured amounts of IV solutions at specific flow rates based on the size of drops of the solution
  5. refers to the concentration of electrolytes in a certain volume of a solution.

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  1. potentiationwhen one drug increases the action or effect of another drug


  2. sublingualin the cheek


  3. souffle cupungraduated, disposable paper cup


  4. denominatorbottom number of a fraction


  5. numeratorbottom number of a fraction