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  1. cumulative
  2. anaphylactic shock
  3. parenteral
  4. milliequivalent
  5. sublingual
  1. a severe, life threatening hypersensitivity reaction to a previously encountered antigen
  2. b refers to the concentration of electrolytes in a certain volume of a solution.
  3. c under the tongue
  4. d pertaining to treatment other than through the digestive system
  5. e increasing by incremental steps with an eventual total; build up in the body

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  1. in the cheek
  2. study of drugs and their action on the living body
  3. outer terms of the proportion
  4. through the skin or mucous membrane
  5. container that has interval markings of measurement

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  1. body surface areaungraduated, disposable paper cup


  2. lumenspace within an artery, vein, intestine, or tube such as a needle or catheter


  3. topical applicationsapplied to the skin


  4. enteralpertaining to treatment other than through the digestive system


  5. drip factormethod that is used to deliver measured amounts of IV solutions at specific flow rates based on the size of drops of the solution