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  1. adverse drug reaction
  2. numerator
  3. potentiation
  4. percent
  5. denominator
  1. a bottom number of a fraction
  2. b harmful, unintended reaction to a drug administered at a normal dosage
  3. c when one drug increases the action or effect of another drug
  4. d top number of a fraction
  5. e means "hundredths"

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  1. within, or by way of, the intestine
  2. drug delivery system that dispenses a preset IV dose of an opioid analgesic into the pt when pt pushes a switch.
  3. ungraduated, disposable paper cup
  4. study of drugs and their action on the living body
  5. candy-like coated shell of the tablet to prevent medications from being absorbed in the stomach; absorption takes place in the intestines.

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  1. idiosyncratican individuals unique hypersensitivity to a particular drug


  2. gaugestandard or scale of measurement


  3. tolerancestate that develops as the amount and frequency of use of an addicting substance increases to achieve the same effect


  4. meniscuscurved upper surface of a column of liquid as in a mercury column


  5. therapeuticshows the relationship of one number or quantity to another number or quantity