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  1. Tissues
  2. exons
  3. transformation
  4. Smallpox
  5. Placebo
  1. a Group of cells that combine to perform a function
  2. b genes on DNA that actually code for proteins
  3. c Fake drug with no effects
  4. d the transfer of recombinant DNA from one organism to another
  5. e Thousands of pustules (little pimples full of pus) cover the skin, which turns into scars later on, assuming the victim survived. 30% fatality rate.

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  1. Biotech used in the analyses of crimes
  2. cells that have had recombinant DNA introduced to them
  3. A disorder that induces sleepiness even when the patient feels well-rested
  4. prefix that means "same"
  5. Plays a role in cognition, mood, emotions. More of these in the brain gives patients better attention spans, more energy, and even a sense of happiness.

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  1. allelesA food item that is commonly found in an area and eaten on a regular basis


  2. Ovaegg cells


  3. transductionthe process of a virus transferring DNA form one cell to another


  4. raising ethical red flagsSlice boils open with something sharp to "treat it".


  5. insulindifferent variations of a certian gene (e.g. blue eyes vs. brown eyes)