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  1. Green Revolution
  2. heterozygous
  3. Euphoria
  4. Lancing the Boil
  5. Fertility drugs
  1. a having 2 different alleles
  2. b Slice boils open with something sharp to "treat it".
  3. c happiness
  4. d drugs that increase the production of egg cells
  5. e New ways of food production to ensure everyone has enough to eat

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  1. protection of a certain product from unauthorized copying; the company Genentech got this for their bacteria that produced insulin
  2. Plays a role in cognition, mood, emotions. More of these in the brain gives patients better attention spans, more energy, and even a sense of happiness.
  3. terrorism using the weapons of biological warfare
  4. Genetic material found in all known living organisms
  5. hormone that controls and regulates sugar levels

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  1. Global PandemicDisease that spread all over the world


  2. nucleic acidsmolecules that store information for cells, e.g. DNA and RNA


  3. bases (nitrogenous bases)enzymes that select and cut DNA strands


  4. mutagenic factorsmolecules that store information for cells, e.g. DNA and RNA


  5. Edward JennerForeign gene that is transferred into target cell or tissue