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  1. insertional mutation
  2. Bioethics
  3. Unipotent
  4. Ova
  5. homozygous
  1. a Can only become one type of cell
  2. b egg cells
  3. c having 2 of the same allele, e.g. 2 dominant, 2 recessive
  4. d when DNA is inserted into the wrong place
  5. e Field regarding the ethics of biotechnology

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  1. nucleotides that are complimentary / pair up with each other (e.g. adenine with thymine, cytosine with guanine)
  2. "markers" on cells that determine whether the immune system should produce antibodies against them
  3. large molecules made of amino acids; have many different functions that are determined by DNA
  4. molecules that store information for cells, e.g. DNA and RNA
  5. organelles in cells where proteins are made

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  1. Lancing the BoilFake drug with no effects


  2. Biological WarfareCollecting health data and analyzing it for any deviations from the norm


  3. YeastThe immune system fights any foreign substances


  4. Ventricular assist devicethe transfer of recombinant DNA from one organism to another


  5. gene gunproteins that catalyze (speed up or activate) chemical reactions