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  1. Transgender
  2. transcription
  3. exons
  4. Narcolepsy
  5. Antigens
  1. a the process in which the sequence on DNA is copied onto mRNA to be carried to the ribosome
  2. b genes on DNA that actually code for proteins
  3. c Gender change
  4. d "markers" on cells that determine whether the immune system should produce antibodies against them
  5. e A disorder that induces sleepiness even when the patient feels well-rested

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  1. glands where insulin is made
  2. Fused fraternal twin: person who originally had a twin in the womb, but absorbed him/her. Has a mosaic of genetic material
  3. factors that cause mutation, e.g. radiation,
  4. device that injects new DNA into the nucleus
  5. proteins that are associated with viruses

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  1. BioreactorField regarding the ethics of biotechnology


  2. recombinant cellscells that have had recombinant DNA introduced to them


  3. intronslong sequences on DNA that don't code for anything


  4. StapleA food item that is commonly found in an area and eaten on a regular basis


  5. TransgeneForeign gene that is transferred into target cell or tissue