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  1. Fertility
  2. safflower
  3. Multipotent
  4. amino acids
  5. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  1. a ability to reproduce
  2. b Remain inactive until needed to repair or replace damaged cells. Replenish tissues that have a lot of turnover (i.e. blood and skin cells)
  3. c Disorder- patients can't focus on one task for long
  4. d a genetically modified flower that can produce insulin
  5. e building blocks of proteins

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  1. Limits the body's natural immune system. Organ recipients must take these drugs for the rest of their lives. However, this limits the body's ability to fight actual infections
  2. Invented the vaccine for smallpox
  3. Field regarding the ethics of biotechnology
  4. version of the trait that is only expressed if there are no dominant alleles of the same gene present
  5. Heats food long enough to kill all the bacteria in it, but cools it in time to preserve its flavor.

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  1. AnthraxCauses skin blisters and life-threatening pneumonia. Survives for long periods as spores


  2. transductionthe process of a virus transferring DNA form one cell to another


  3. TelomeraseEnzyme that lengthens telomeres and keeps cells from dying. Produced by cancerous cells.


  4. Lancing the BoilSlice boils open with something sharp to "treat it".


  5. dominant allelethe version of the trait that is expressed whenever it is present; it masks recessive alleles