Vandermeer - 6 Forces Shaping Earth Chapter 10

10 terms by svandermeer

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inner core

solid, innermost layer of Earth's interior that is the hottest part of earth and has the greatest amount of pressure


molten (melted) rock beneath the earth's surface

outer core

layer of Earth that lies above the inner core and is thought to be made up mostly of molten material


Earth's outermost layer that is thinnest under the oceans and thickest through the continents


rigid layer of earth made up of the crust and the upper part of the mantle


section of Earth's lithosphere that moves around slowly on the asthenosphere


large breaks in rock along which movement occurs


The process by which an oceanic tectonic plate sinks under another plate into Earth's mantle; when one plate sinks beneath another


The solid, plastic layer of the mantle beneath the lithosphere; made of mantle rock that flows very slowly, which allows tectonic plates to move on top of it

acid rain

precipitation that is more acidic than normal because of air pollution

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