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arithmetic operations

addition, subtraction, multiplication, division


collections of numbers, operation signs, and indusion symbols


finding the number for which the expressions stands


a letter representing a number


numbers that are added or subtracted from each other.

additive inverses

two numbers that their sum is zero

multiplicative inverses

two numbers that product equals 1


multiplying by its reciprocal


an expression meaning to interchange their positions


to associate two of the numbers in an expression means to group them with parenthesis so that the operation between them is done first


the property of a mathematical symbol is a fact that is true concerning the system


a property that forms the basis of a mathematical system. assumed without proof

distributive axiom


like terms

two terms in an expressions are like terms if they have the same variables raised to the same power

numerical coefficient

the numerical coefficient of a term is the constant that is multiplied by the variables

common factor

in an expression c is a common factor if c is a factor of each term

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