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digestive system

a_______ is shaving of the lip 40500


In addition to the sites from the mouth to the anous, the digetive system codes include codes for thepancreas, liver, and ____________


How many centimeters are there in 4 inches (round to the nearest tenth)


an abbe-estlander reconstruction

cpt- 40527 (repair, cleft lip)
icd- 749.11 (cleft lip)

a complex full thickness repair of the vermilion after resection of buccal-mucosal squamous cell carcinoma

cpt- 40650 (repair, lip)
icd- 140.9 (neoplasm, lip, malignant, primary)

simple drainage of a hematoma of the vestibule of the mouth

cpt- 40800 (mouth, hematoma, incision, drainage)

The first step to choosing the correct GI endoscopic code is to determine the _____________ to which the scope was passed


coloproctostomy: from the ________to the _____

colon, rectum

Ileostomy: from the________to the ______surface

ileum, body

Colostomy: from the ______intestine to the ___________surface

large intestine, body

enteroenterostomy: between ______________of the intestine

segments, intestine

Codes in the lip subheading )40490-40799) include the categories of

excision, repai (cheiloplasy), and other procedures

abbe-estlande (40527, aka Abbe' flap or cross flap)

is a reconstructive procedure in which a graft is taken from a portion of the lip and the non-defective area above the lip is used is used to repai the area of defect.

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