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which of the following does three main processes inbolbed in memory

maintaining information in memory retrieval, pulling information out of memory putting , puttinging information into memory encoding

two students took a memory test twenty nouns were shown in order on a tv monitor. mallory tried to think of rhymes for each word as it appeared on the monitor. bailey tried to think of wys each word could be used in a sentence. what can conculude

bailey would have better remember because she used semantic style which is the best

the memory system that hoolds information in storage just long enought to give you additionial time to recongnize the stimulus is

working memory (the shortest one)

retroactive interference

newly learned information impairs memory of previously learned information
(ex.) new address cant remember your old one)

proactive interference

is when old information stops you from remembering new information (ie beggining of every year put the previous year)

short term memory

is a limited capacity store that can maintain unreehearsed information for up to about 20 seconds

sensory memory

preseves information in its orginal sensory form for a brief time usually only a fraction of a second

long term

is an unlimited capacity that can be held for a long period of time

the order of hte basic memroy process in which info mation enters our memory is used later

encoding storage retrieval

the basic prcess in memory that involves maintaining info in the mormory is


which of the followinwg are level of processing associated with info

semantinc structural phonemic

the semantic level of processing focuses attetion on

the meaning of the word

when studying for he psy exam amy would read each word from the list of key terms at the end of the chapeter read the def of the term and think of an example she used the process of which memory stile


sensory memory

preveres information in its orginal sense form for a rief time ussually a fraction of a second

mark is listening as his roomamate lists 14 things that they need to buy if he doesnt write it down as he hears them he is most liely to remember

he will remember 5-9 things on the list

people often find it difficult to solve a problem by using a familiar object in a novel way because of

functional fixedness

people often assume that it is necessary' to use all the numerical info provided in a problem in order to solve it , in reality info sometimes makes it more difficult to solve because the info

may be irrelevant

solving a scramble problem to make large words or an anagram a puzzle


connecting the four dots

unecessary restraint


undertake a series of steps to reach the goal, the hobit problem from getting boys and girls on both sidess

baseing the estimation probability of an event on the ease with which instances come to mind is called the

availability heuristic

representativeness heuristic

is saying that it is right based on society.. .the number of boys and girls

availability heuristic

things that come to mind are true

alfred ninet and theodor simon devised the first intelligence test in 1905 in order to

predict the school performance of children ( IQ

teh fact that e correlation in IQ scores between identical twins reared apart is lower than theat between identical twinds reared together suggest

environmental factors can have an influence on intellectual development

which of the following behavuiors is consistent with a drive theroy of motivation

eating an apple when your hungry
biologicial action is caused to decrease you drive and maintain needs homeostatsis internal

a bonus of 100 for completing a work assignment before adealine is and ex

an incentive

while theories of mitivation emphasize internal factors blank theories emphsize external factors

drive & incentive

william a subject in psy experiment just reieved an injection that raised his blood glucose level william is

not feeling hungry

classicail conditioning

you like it because your dad like it or granma made you eat it

observational conditioning

you see someone beat up the boba doll so you do too

parential investiment theory suggest all of the following

human males are required to invest little in the prduction of offspring, human commodity of reproduction males and females may develop different strategies

the one celled organism formed by the union of a sperm and a negg is the


the proximodistal trend suggest children gain control of thir

torso before their extremities

the fact that children in diff cultures blank in the age at which basic motor skills appear demonstrates that

bary somewhat enviromental factors can slow or acelerate with motor development

if an infant basic biologial needs are met by others and sound attachements are formed during the first years of life the infant will most likely succed in which stage

trust versus mistrust

5 yer old steve gets along well with his parents and siblings is confident and believes he is a good boy steve ahas most recently sucess resolved hte crisis of

intitatinve vs guilt

piaget poposed four stages of cognitive development which of the following is not one of his stages


if a ball that a fice month old infant is playing wiith rolls under a chari


3 basic memory concepts

encoding storage retrieval

3 ways to encode

Structual(visual, people faces, cap letters of words) Phonemic (sound, melodies or catch phrases) Semantic ( most effective think about what the material means)

3 types of memory

sensory, short term, long term

sensory type

sights, sounds, and taste very brief last around 1 sec, some info is selected for processing while some is lost

short-term memory

must be processed here for permant storage, aprox 20 seconds

long term memory

permenant memory storage with very little space, rehearsal is needed to term stm into ltm 1. maintaine- save or maintain for a short period through rep.
2. elaborative-attach meaning to be remembered more perement transfered ltm

why do we forget

ineffective encoding,decay, interference,repression


retrograde amnessia- lost memories prior to injury antrograde-lost memories after injury

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