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EGEE 102 Exam 2

questions from quizzes 4,5, and
As a result of global warming, global precipitation would?
The energy that causes our atmosphere to heat up comes from?
the sun
Atmospheric concentrations of methane in the last 150 years have?
Which one of the following causes global climate change?
Increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere due to human activity
Acid rain damages trees in which of the following manners?
removes soil nutrients
Greenhouse gases in the air around us are increasing. T or F?
Which of the following is not needed to produce ground level ozone?
Which one of the following will reduce vehicular NOx emissions?
keeping your car well tuned
You are are the most risk of lung damage due to smog if you are
a young child
The stratosphere begins at what altitude?
10 miles
which of the following chemicals leads to the destruction of ozone?
Carbon Dioxide is the only product when burning coal. T or F?
Nitrous oxide is a component of NOx. T or F??
Smog is a primary pollutant caused by burning fossil fuels. T or F?
Particulate Matter is the general term used to describe?
a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets found in the air
Excessive greenhouse gases in the atmosphere due to anthropogenic emissions retains more heat than normal. T or F?
Earth is a natural greenhouse. T or F?
the atmospheric temperature and CO2 concentration changed prior to the pre-industrial periods. T or F?
Water heaters consume energy_______?
whether we use hot water or not
Heat pumps provide no extra savings compared to conventional water heaters. T or F?
Leaking faucets can increase your energy costs. T or F?
How can you reduce your water heating bill (which accounts for about 14% of the average utility bill)?
use less hot water, turn down the thermostat, insulate your water heater, buy a new more efficient water heater; All of the above
A family of four, each showering for 5 minutes a day, use 700 gallons of water each week. Installing a non-aerating showerhead can cut this consumption by how much?
Keep a freezer filled to capacity for most efficient operation. T or F?
What steps can lead to an energy efficient dishwasher?
Wash only full loads, use the no-heat air dry feature, don't pre-rinse before putting them in the dishwasher; All of the above
What kind of label do highly energy efficient appliances have?
EnergyStar Label
On-demand water heaters have a storage tank. T or F?
Which of the following actions is NOT likely to improve the efficiency of a refrigerator?
switching the motor from a DC motor to a more efficient AC motor.
Natural gas water heaters are cheaper to install than electric water heaters. T or F?
What is the most common measure of light output (or luminous flux)?
Compared to ordinary incandescent bulbs, tungsten halogen bulbs consume______power to produce the same amount of light?
Tungsten-halogen lamps operate at very high temperature (high enough to literally fry eggs) and should not be used in fixtures that have paper or cellulose-lined sockets. T or F?
What the units of measuring light?
Fluorescent light is produced by?
Converting UV to visible light
Which of the following kind of bulb requires a ballast?
General purpose lighting in hallways is also call ______ lighting.