Review 10

Short term memory is affected
Routine ADLs remain mostly intact
IADLs may be affected
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Understanding how the environment can be adapted, modified, or restored to enable effective performanceEHPUnderstanding how the client uses sensory information in the environmentSIUnderstanding the client's dimensions of occupational participation and performanceMOHODifficulty with motor planningSomatodyspraxiaScared of movement and jumping, over responsive to vestibular inputGravitational insecurityThe desk should be positioned 2 inches above the child's flexed elbows while seated with feet on the groundOptimal position for handwritingConducts research and makes recommendations for the prevention of work-related illnesses and injuriesNIOSHDeveloped for caregivers to rate the driving ability of the person for whom they careFitness to Drive Screening MeasureActivities should be able to be completed easily to provide a sense of competence and successMajor depressionProvides insurance coverage for children and families who do not qualify for Medicaid and cannot afford health insuranceChildren's Health Insurance ProgramA bluish tinge to the skin and lips and edema is indicative of...Chronic bronchitisUsed to assess central visual fieldsAmsler gridUsed to assess visual acuitySnellen chartUnbuttoning large buttons2.5 years old50% of the client's weight on the affected legPartial weight bearingPassive ROM, positioning of the affected UE, and bed mobility are the focus of what stage of CVA recovery?AcuteSplint for someone with a flexor tendon injury to prevent rupture of the flexor tendonsDorsal blocking splintMeasures short-distance walking, hand function, and cognitionMultiple Sclerosis Functional CompositeAssesses endurance and fatigueModified Fatigue ScaleMeasures a client's vocational interestsSelf-Directed SearchROM exercises, light strengthening, and endurance training with education to avoid overexertion are appropriate for....Early stages of ALSAssesses divided attentionSymbol Digit Modalities TestMeasures set shiftingTrail MakingMeasures scanning and selective attentionLetter CancellationAssesses the ability to visually scan information using central and peripheral vision and to process that information in a timely mannerUseful Field of ViewWhen is procedural memory affected?Middle stageVisual hallucination and Parkinsons like symptomsDementia with Lewy BodiesCharacterized by self mutilation and destruction, unstable mood, and fears of abandonment that lead to instabilityBorderline Personality DisorderComposite battery that physicians can used for driving screeningAssessment of Driving Related SkillsModifying the environment or the occupation to reduce demands, address personal goals, and use developed skillsPEOFacilitating age appropriate occupations through motivation and habit formationMOHOChallenging ineffective adaptive responses and focused on enhanced occupational adaptationOAFirst and second medical treatments for CVAThrombolytics Anticoagulants and AntiplatletOccurs in SCI patients above the level of T4-T6Autonomic dysreflexiaRoll with resistance, express empathy, avoid argumentation, develop discrepancy, and support self-efficacyMotivational interviewingSystematic reviews, meta-analysis, and RCTLevel ITwo-group, non-randomized studies (cohort, case controls)Level IIOne-group non-randomized studies (pre-test post-test designs)Level IIIDescriptive studies that analyze outcomes (single-subject and case designs)Level IVCase reports and narrative literature reviewsLevel VCan make claims about efficacyLevel I and II