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  1. the belief that countries should grow around the world
  2. belief in and glorify military power, ideas, & values
  3. why did business leaders want overseas markets?
  4. from whom?
  5. policy of extending a nations power by gaining political & economic control over other control
  6. in WW1, who were the central powers?

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  1. U.Swho bought the phillepines?


  2. americans had more steel, food, cloth, and coal than even the richest foreign nationswhat " new weapons " were used in WW1


  3. trench warfare, machine guns, poisined gasin WW1, who were the allied powers?


  4. over 20 millionhow many people died in WW1


  5. so the world was safe for democracywhy did the US decide to join, WW1


  6. annexto take control of