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  1. why did business leaders want overseas markets?
  2. in WW1, who were the allied powers?
  3. what " new weapons " were used in WW1
  4. why did the US decide to join, WW1
  5. how much $
  6. to take control of

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  1. U.Swhen did the US annex hawaii


  2. austria, hungary, germany, turkeyin WW1, who were the central powers?


  3. more then 9 millionhow many people died in WW1


  4. isolationismdosen't want to be governed by other countries


  5. americans had more steel, food, cloth, and coal than even the richest foreign nationswhat " new weapons " were used in WW1


  6. imperialismpolicy of extending a nations power by gaining political & economic control over other control