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What geographical advantage most helped the Middle Colonies become known as the "breadbasket" colonies?

good fertile land

What is the name fora young person who was learning a skill?


After taking control of New Netherland from the Dutch, which two colonies did the English form in that regain?

New York and New Jersey

What does the word refuge mean?

a safe place

What was important to the prosperity of the Middle Colonies?

Rich Farmlands, ports, trade, artisans, fur, and lumber

What document proves that some people in the Middle Colonies had self government?

The frame of government in Pennsylvania

With which American Indian leader did William Penn form a long-lasting peace?


What goods did the Middle Colonies import from England?

furniture, silver, gunpowder, tea, metals

Name two colonists that were leaders of the Great Awakening.

George Whitfield and Jonathan Edwards

What happened at a gristmill?

grinned grain into flour

How did the Middle Colonies differ from the New England Colonies?

Middle colonies has more churches and mixed religions

Why did most market towns in the Middle Colonies have gristmills?

they needed to grind grain into flour.

What types of worker made finished goods from farm products?

artisans, bakers, soap makers, butlers, and flour millers

Why was New York City a good location for a port?

It had a deep natural harbor.

What is an artisan? Give examples.

a crafter worker, black smith, cooper, silver smith, carpenters, and ship builders.

William Penn wanted all colonists and American Indians to be treated with _______.


The fertile land, deep harbors, and mild climate of the Middle Colonies all contributed to the region's __________.


The thousands of __________ who settled in the Middle Colonies added to the region's diversity.


King Charles 2 of England made William Penn the __________ of Pennsylvania.


Many young colonists learned how to make a living as artisans by becoming ___________.


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