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US Supreme Court Cases (landmark)

all landmark Supreme Court cases
Marbury v Madison
Judicial Review
McCulloch v Maryland
Supremacy Clause
Gibbons v Ogden
Congress can regulate interstate commerce
Dred Scott v Sanford
African Americans could nto bring cases to court because they were property
Reynolds v US
You can't use Religion to escape from laws that apply to everyone; Constitution protects Religions, not their practices
Plessy v Ferguson
Seperate but equal
Schenk v US
Government can prosecute people who through expressive or symbolic speech present a "clear and present danger"
Gitlow v New York
First Ammendment applied to the states (selective incorporation)
Powell v Alabama
The defendant must be given legal counsel if requested as part of Due Process
Korematsu v US
Legal to intern Japanese Americans due to possible espionage
West Virginia v Barnett
Not required to say the Pledge of Allegiance
Everson v Board of Education
Transportation is secular
Brown v Board of Education
Seperate is unequal in schools (desegregates schools)
Mapp v Ohio
Exclusionary Rule
Engel v Vitale
Unconstitutional to have a mandated school prayer
Baker v Carr
One man one vote
Gideon v Wainwright
every person is gauranteed a lawyer; informa pauperis
New York Times v Sullivan
Established bounds of Freedom of Speech; No libel; Public figures must prove malice
Escobedo v Illinois
You have the right to a lawyer; created an extension of the sixth amendment
Griswold v Connecticut
In re Gault
Due Process extends to Juveniles
Miranda v Arizona
As you're arrested, your "Miranda" rights must be read to you
Loving v Virginia
Interracial Marriage is allowed
Epperson v Arkansas
You are allowed to teach evolution (violates free speech)
Brandenburg v Ohio
"imminent lawless action" is a standard, one must be "likely to produce such action"
Tinker v Des Moines
If student speech does not cause a substantial disruption to a learning environment, it is protected speech
New York Times v US
Pentagon Papers; there is no prior restraint
Lemon v Kurtzman
Lemon Test; 1, Secular purpose 2, neither advancement nor inhibition of Religion 3, no excessive government entanglement
Wisconsin v Yoder
Amish children can't be forced to go to school past eigth grade as it violates their Religous freedom
Miller v California
Defines Obscenity; Establishes Slaps test
Roe v Wade
Right to abortion
US v Nixon
The Presidents executive privelige is not complete
Goss v Lopez
Kids can't be suspended without Due Process
Buckley v Valeo
Campaign Funding is a form of protected speech; there is still a limit on campaign money
Bakke v University of California
Quotas are illegal
Hazelwood v Kuhlmeier
Schools can censor speech if not in accordance with the school's beliefs/ education goals
Wallace v Jaffree
Intended Religous activity in schools is UnConstitutional
New Jersey v TLO
Can conduct school searches of students if there is reasonable suspicion
Allegheny County v Greater Pittsburgh ACLU
Placing a cresse inside a public building violates the Establishment Clause; how religous is the symbol, where is it placed
Texas v Johnson
Flag burning is protected; draft card burning is not protected
Oregon v Smith / Employment Division v Smith
Everybody is held to the same drug restriction standard
Westside Community Schools v Mergens
Students can organize religous clubs as long school administration takes no part in it
Casey v Planned Parenthood
A wife does not need a husbands consent to get a abortion, minors however need parent consent
Lee v Weisman
Inviting Religous officials to make speeches (eg. graduation) is UnConstitutional
Shaw v Reno
Gerrymandering can't be based on race
Vernonia School District v Acton
Random drug testing of athletes by a school is protected
US v Virginia
No gender based discrimination during the admissions process at the VMI
Reno v ACLU
Established communications decency act (banned later)
Bush v Gore
Florida recount after Presidential election
Boy Scout of America v Dale
Freedom of Association
US v Morrison
Can't sue for sexual assault in a Federal Court
Kyllo v US
Searching for something from the outside of someones house in order to gain evidence to obtain a warrat is UnConstitutional
Board of Education v Earls
Schools have a right to drug test their students
Lawrence v Texas
Consenting adults have a right to sexual behaviour in their home
Grutter v Bollinger
Affirmative action is still needed today
Gratz v Bollinger
Affirmative action is still needed today
Van Order v Perry
A display of the Ten Commandments outside of a Texas Court house is legal
Gonzalez v Raich
Home-grown drugs can be banned under the commerce clause
Kelo v City of New London
The government can take private property and give it to developers
Roper v Simmons
Minors can't be executed
Hamdan v Rumsfeld
Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay have rights
DC v Heller
you can own a gun in DC
Citizens United v FEC
The corporate funding of independent public broadcasts cannot be limited (under the First Amendment)