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  1. What are the building blocks of carbohydrates called
  2. In what type of tissue are collagen and elastin found
  3. How many electrons does each orbital contain?
  4. what type of blood does the right side of the heart contain?
  5. How are glial cells related to neurons
  1. a connective tissue.
  2. b two
  3. c The glail cells assist by transporting neurons from the brain into other systems. Glial cells support neurons.
  4. d Monosaccarides
  5. e deoxygenated blood.

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  1. inhibit the incorporation of HIV DNA into T-cell DNA
  2. 2nd line of defense
  3. Aneuploidy
  4. They discovered the double helix structure of DNA
  5. hyperthyroidism

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  1. What are the levels of organization for multicelled organisms? SAMOCTOOOPopulation, community, ecosystem, biosphere


  2. The element Helium(He) has atomic number of 2. Is this element considered reactive or inertInert


  3. Where does the digestion of carbohydrates startIn the alveoli.


  4. what are differences and similarities between prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells?fibrinogen, fibrin, and thrombrin.


  5. What are Macrophages are derived fromchanges in the structure of DNA. The basis of different versions of traits


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