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  1. What are bacterial cell walls mainly composed of
  2. What are the levels of environmental organization? PCEB
  3. What is the starting molecule in glycolysis called
  4. Where is Vitamin K synthesized by resident bacteria
  5. What are some components of the human respiratory system
  1. a Population, community, ecosystem, biosphere
  2. b Peptidoglycan
  3. c Glucose
  4. d Human intestines
  5. e the diaphragm, alveoli, broncheoli, and trachaea.

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  1. In the mitochondrion
  2. Neutrophil
  3. strong mutual attraction of two opposite charged ions
  4. two
  5. Elongation

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  1. What is the disorder called that "deletes" cells (deletion)Cri-du-chat.


  2. What type of tissue does tendons and ligaments consist ofDense connective tissue.


  3. Offsprings of a monohybrid cross AA and aa are all whatAa.


  4. what are two ways of getting allergiesinhibit the incorporation of HIV DNA into T-cell DNA


  5. lateral meristem_______ is a source of secondary growth?