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  1. What is a sequence of three adjacent bases on an mRNA called
  2. What type of polymerase is the enzyme used during transcription called
  3. Is the RNA molecule single or double stranded
  4. Where does the light-independent stage of photosynthesis takes place
  5. which atruim receives blood from the Lungs
  1. a Single-stranded
  2. b left atrium.
  3. c A codon
  4. d RNA polymerase
  5. e In the Stroma

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  1. the capacity to resist rupturing. It helps impart surface tension and pull water through plants.
  2. No, they are formed in the light-independent stage
  3. The unwinding enzyme
  4. shared chromosomes by males and females. We have 44, The other 2 are sex chromosomes.
  5. Five

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  1. What are the building blocks of most lipids and glyceral calledMonosaccarides


  2. What is a slower than normal heart rate calledbradycardia. (slower than 46 bpm)


  3. What kind of disorder is cystic fibrosisATP and pyruvate molecules


  4. What kind of alleles does a homozygote pair havean X-linked recessive disorder.


  5. What is needed for antibody mediated immune responsegas exchange