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  1. Which muscles are striated and move involuntarily
  2. The atom of element Phosphorus has 16 neutrons and 15 electrons. What is the atomic number for Phosphorus atom
  3. Is mistletoe an example of a hemiparasite, or a holoparasite
  4. According to the second law of thermodynamics, is the entropy in the universe is increasing or decreasing
  5. What occurs in metaphase?
  1. a Cardiac muscles.
  2. b Hemiparasite; it is a photosynthetic parasite and not a non-photosynthetic plant parasite.
  3. c Increasing
  4. d 15
  5. e nuclear membrane completely brooken up, chromosomes aligned near the equator, sister chromatids at max condensation.

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  1. during meiosis
  2. effectors intensify or increase stimuli, like during pregnancy.
  3. protons-positive
    neutrons- neutral
    electrons- negative
  4. Competition
  5. Human intestines

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  1. Is the RNA molecule single or double strandedGlucose


  2. What is the correct scientific way to refer to humansHomo sapiens


  3. What are some components of the human respiratory systemshared chromosomes by males and females. We have 44, The other 2 are sex chromosomes.


  4. Prokaryotic cells are found in what kind of organismArchaea


  5. in males, what is gamete formation called?spermatogenesis