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  1. What is the correct scientific way to refer to humans
  2. what are homologous chromosomes?
  3. what are two ways of getting allergies
  4. What takes place during prophase 1 stage of meiosis, happens between the nonsister chromatids, and produces variety in the genetic makeup of the gametes
  5. What is the function of DNA polymerase
  1. a pollen, bee venom provoke
  2. b crossing over.
  3. c two chromosomes of each type (2n=46 in humans).
  4. d Homo sapiens
  5. e To obtain nucleotides and correctly pair them

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  1. Archaea
  2. Thrush
  3. effectors reduce stimuli until body retains normal condition/temperature.
  4. Closed.
  5. Yes.

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  1. Is mistletoe an example of a hemiparasite, or a holoparasiteDeoxyribonucleic acid


  2. What is a hydrogen bond?strong mutual attraction of two opposite charged ions


  3. What 3 things is mitosis used for?growth, repair, and asexual production


  4. What/who has complete digestive systemsHumans


  5. Where does photosynthesis take placeIn the chloroplasts