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  1. What do plant cells have that animal cells do not have
  2. What is the function of DNA binding proteins
  3. What 3 things is mitosis used for?
  4. Which blood component contains oxygen transporting protein hemoglobin
  5. which atruim receives blood from the Lungs
  1. a Plastids and a central vacuole
  2. b growth, repair, and asexual production
  3. c red blood cells.
  4. d left atrium.
  5. e To stabilize the single-stranded DNA

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  1. 2 Genetical Identical cells.
  2. during meiosis
  3. Thrush
  4. Initiation
  5. gametes (germ cells)

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  1. in males, what is gamete formation called?oogenesis


  2. What occurs in Prophase?both daughter chromatids are at opposite poles, chromosomes return to original shape, nuclear envelope reforms, mitosis is complete.


  3. what are sister chromatids held together by?a centromere, where duplicated chromosomes attach to the microtubules of the spindle part, during nuclear division.


  4. What are Memory cells and how do they functionB cells; retaining the ability to make an antibody used to fight a previous infection


  5. What is the correct scientific way to refer to humansto begin carbohydrate digestion, bicarbonate to neutralize acids and mucins to lubricate.


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