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  1. What is a non-specific immune response
  2. What is inert?
  3. What is the correct scientific way to refer to humans
  4. which atruim receives blood from the Body
  5. What are the levels of environmental organization? PCEB
  1. a Population, community, ecosystem, biosphere
  2. b Inflammation
  3. c non-reactive
  4. d right atrium.
  5. e Homo sapiens

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  1. Single-stranded
  2. Procambium gives rise to what?
  3. Five, because every three bases make a codon and the last codon is the stop base, so it doesnt count.
  4. the theory of independent assortment.
  5. Only one.

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  1. What are molecules that macrophages recognize as self and will not elicit an immune responsemonocytes


  2. What is a polar covalent bond?when atoms share electrons equally


  3. Phospholipids contain how many hydrophobic tails and how many hydrophillic headsDepends on the molecule, but there is one orbital in the first shell, four in the second shell, and 4-9 in the third shell. They can have a maximum of 18 electrons


  4. Out of heterozygotes and homozygotes genes, which ones will be affected?Heterozygotes will be symptom free, homozygotes will be affected.


  5. Where does the synthesis of lipids take placeIn the Smooth ER