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  1. WHat components are not involved in the formation of a blood clot
  2. Does the rate of breathing increase or decrease during the respiration of CO2
  3. absisic acid
  4. Where does gas exchange take place
  5. What kind of disorder is cystic fibrosis
  1. a Increases.
  2. b In the alveoli.
  3. c An Autosomal recessive disorder.
  4. d ______ inhibits plant growth?
  5. e Albumin.

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  1. no.
  2. Inflammation
  3. It is an ectoparasite; it lives on the surface of its hosts' body and not inside its hosts' body.
  4. ________ promotes fruit ripening?
  5. large intestine

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  1. Where does the synthesis of lipids take placeIn the Smooth ER


  2. Frogs hearts are divided in the middle, so does oxygenated blood stay separated or mix with the deoxygenated bloodIt mixes with it.


  3. Do decomposers include certain bacteria and fungiright ventricle.


  4. What is the function of DNA polymeraseTo obtain nucleotides and correctly pair them


  5. How does one species' DNA differs from othersTo stabilize the single-stranded DNA