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  1. What type of tissue is the stomach lined with
  2. xylem
  3. Do humans have an open or closed respiratory system
  4. What is an example of a heat-sensory neuron in the skin
  5. What 3 things is mitosis used for?
  1. a A sensory receptor.
  2. b Smooth muscle tissue.
  3. c growth, repair, and asexual production
  4. d the vascular tissue through which water and nutrients move in some plants is called________?
  5. e Closed.

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  1. effectors intensify or increase stimuli, like during pregnancy.
  2. Competition
  3. In the mitochondrion
  4. Down syndrome.
  5. Two

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  1. Where does the synthesis of protein take placein the mouth


  2. What are Macrophages are derived fromEpethilial tissue.


  3. What is involved in lipid digestionby furrowing


  4. When viewing Elodea at 400x what is the movement of the chloroplasts called?cytoplasmic streaming


  5. What is Candida albicanThrush