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  1. Outline
  2. Repetitive Stress Injury
  3. Saluation
  4. Reference Initials
  5. QWERTY Keyboard
  1. a initials of the person that typed the letter or memo if different from the writer; initials should be double-spaced after the body and typed in lowercase
  2. b the most common keyboard arrangement, named for the first letters across the top row
  3. c A supporting document in a reportL it is usually placed after the title page and before the first page of the report
  4. d occurs when someone performs a task repeatedly causing the build up of irritating waste products in the muscles
  5. e The beginning portion of the letter that start "Dear...".

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  1. A letter style in which all lines of the letter are aligned with the left margin
  2. the name of the person sending the letter
  3. An alphabetical list of sources of information used in writing a report
  4. the form and keying style that a typist uses while operating the keyboard
  5. a heading typed at the beginning of a memorandum consisting of TO, FROM, DATE, SUBJECT; these four words should be typed in bold, all caps, and should be followed by a colon

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  1. Datelinethe date the letter is written, spelled out, such as April 30, 2010, not 4-30-2010


  2. Ergonomicsthe ability to enter text by using the correct fingers without looking at the keys


  3. Unbound ReportShort reports that are prepared without binders or covers


  4. Enclosure NotationSpecial notation at the end of a letter that indicates that an item(s) is included with the letter, usually the word Enclosure


  5. Paper Sizethe date the letter is written, spelled out, such as April 30, 2010, not 4-30-2010