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  1. Repetitive Stress Injury
  2. QWERTY Keyboard
  3. Left bound Report
  4. Copy Notification
  5. Single Spacing
  1. a multi-page reports that are bound or stapled on the left side of the pages; the left margin is set wider to allow space for binding
  2. b A special notification at the end of letter that indicates copies of letter was sent to the person(s) listed, usually noted by typing CC
  3. c the type of spacing where you would manually press the enter key one time and no blank lines are between each keyed line
  4. d occurs when someone performs a task repeatedly causing the build up of irritating waste products in the muscles
  5. e the most common keyboard arrangement, named for the first letters across the top row

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  1. letter from an individual to a business
  2. a letter that is sent from one company or organization to another; a letter head is usually used on a business letter
  3. An alphabetical list of sources of information used in writing a report
  4. the type of spacing where you would manually press the enter key three times and two blank lines would be between each keyed line
  5. the paper covering for a letter to be sent through the mail

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  1. GWAM(Gross Words A Minute) the number of keystrokes a typist can make in a timed period; can calculate by dividing the total number of words keyed by the number of minutes that the typist was timed


  2. TechniqueA supporting document in a reportL it is usually placed after the title page and before the first page of the report


  3. Home Row KeysThe study of designing equipment and workspace for a comfortable and safe working environment


  4. Keyboardingthe ability to enter text by using the correct fingers without looking at the keys


  5. Proofreader Marksthe size of a standard sheet of paper is 8 ½ x 11 inches