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Subgovernments promote

decentralized and fragmented policymaking

A group of particiapnts in bureaucratic policymaking with technical policy expertise and intellectual and emotional commitment to the issue is called

an issue network

Executive orders are issued by

the president

congress tries to control the bureaucracy through

the rewriting laws and budgets and holding hearings

___ is the authority of administrative actors to select among various responses to a given problem

administrative discretion

a major complaint of the food and drug administration is

the shortage of personnel

which of the following is not true about iron triangles?

the are indestructible

administrative discretion is greatest when

rules do not fit a case

when congress pases regulatory legislation for which it has establihsed goals it then

grants power to regulatory agencies to develop guidelines and enforce compliance

section 844 of title IX of the education amentments of 1972

was vaguely written, eventually resulting in scores of court cases

the use of government authority to control or change some practice in the prive sector is known as


an iron triangle consists of

a bureaucratic agency, an interest group and a congressional committee or subcommittee

most regulatory agencies adopt specific ___ to carry out a policy, based on what they believe was the intended purpose of the specific policy at hand.


The hatch act, passed in 1940,

prohibits federal civil service employees from active participation in partisan politics

which of the following statements about independent regulatory commissions is false?

regulatory commission members may not be drawn form the ranks of present or former employees of the regulated inf=dustry

amtrak and the united states postal service are examples of

governmental corporations

___ is a hiring and promotion system based on knowing the right people, working in an election campaign, making large political donations and or having the right connections to win jobs with teh government

the patronage system

once a policy decision has been made, such as by passing a legislative act or issuing an executive order, the bureaucracy is responsible for

its implementation

the interstate commerce commission and the federal reserve board are examples of

independent regulatory agencies

the __ employs about one fourth of all federal civilian workers, more than any other department or agency

department of defense

as a whole, the permanent bureaucracy is

more broadly representative of the american people than legislators, judges or presidential appointees

which of the following statements about plum book appointees is FALSE

plum book appointees are often instrumental in changing and reforming their agencies

each bureaucratic agency is created initially by


which of the following is a legitimate criticism of the federal civil service?

firing incompetents is extremely diffucult

which of the following is true about the federal bureaucracy?

the state and local govs have far more employees than the federal bureaucracy

the pendleton act established the

federal civil service

which cabinet department is charged with overseeing the nation's national resources


the parts of the federal bureaucracy with responsibility for different sectors of the economy and making and enforcing rules designed to protect the public interest are the

independent regulatory agencies

the weberian model views bureaucracies as

efficient and necessary

the rationale for the civil service rests on teh

desire to create a nonpartisan government service and promotion on the basis of merit.

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