36 terms

modal verbs

er muss
he must, has to
ich muss
I must, have to
du musst
you must, have to
wir müssen
we must, have to
ihr müsst
y'all must, have to
sie müssen
they must, have to
ich kann
I can, am able to
du kannst
you can, are able to
er kann
he can, is able to
wir können
we can, are able to
ihr könnt
y'all can, are able to
sie können
they can, are able to
ich darf
I may, am allowed to
du darfst
you may, are allowed to
er darf
he may, is allowed to
wir dürfen
we may, are allowed to
ihr dürft
y'all may, are allowed to
sie dürfen
they may, are allowed to
ich soll
I am supposed to
du sollst
you are supposed to
er soll
he is supposed to
wir sollen
we are supposed to
ihr sollt
y'all are supposed to
sie sollen
they are supposed to
ich will
I want to
du willst
you want to
er will
he wants to
wir wollen
we want to
ihr wollt
y'all want to
sie wollen
they want to
ich mag
I like
du magst
you like
er mag
he likes
wir mögen
we like
ihr mögt
y'all like
sie mögen
they like