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Name a general sense that uses nociceptors to sense tissue damage


Name a special sense that uses chemoreceptors for gustation

Static equilibrium

Name a special sense, located in the vestibule of the inner ear, that uses hair cells in the saccule and utricle.


Name a special sense, located in the cochlea, that uses mechanoreceptors called hair cells, in the organ of corti.


Name a special sense that use photo receptors.

Dynamic equilibrium

Name a special sense, located in the inner ear that uses hair cells in ampullae of the semicircular canals.


Name a general sense that uses mechanoreceptors.


Name a cranial nerve that leaves the temporal bone to pass into the temporal lobe of the cerebrum.

Organ of corti

Name a structure, containing hair cells, that is located on the basilar membrane in the cochlear duct of the inner ear.


Name the auditory ossicle that connects to the tympanic membrane.


Name the auditory ossicle that connects to the oval window of the inner ear.

Tympanic membrane

Name the structure at the end of the external auditory meatus.


Name the auditory ossicle located between the malleus and stapes

Internal auditory meatus

Name the opening through which Cranial Nerve VIII leaves the temporal bone to pass to the brain

Saccule and utricle

Name the two parts of the vestibule that has receptors for static equilibrium

Semi-circular canal

Name the parts of the inner ear that contain receptors for dynamic equilibrium


The external auditory ( acoustic) meatus is part of the_____________ ear


The auditory ossicle are part of the______________ ear


The cochlea, vestibule, and semi- circular canals are part of the_______________ ear

Eustacian tube

Name the part of the ear that is located between the pharynx and the middle ear.


The pinna is part of the_________________ear


The incus is part of the __________________ear


The basilar membrane of the Organ of Corti is part of the_____________ear

Circumvalate papillae

Taste hairs in taste pores on the tongue are actually microvilli and are located on what structures of the tongue


Which sense receptors are associated with the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone

Choroid coat/ tunic

The cillary body is part of ___________/_______ ________ of the eye.


Dull, aching sensation, carried on unmyelinated fibers is.


Prickly, sharp sensation, carried on myelinated fibers is ____________pain


A phenomenon in which sensation seem to decrease over time is


Pain that seems to come from part of the body not being sttimulated is____________ pain


A process that allows for the eye's focusing on distant or on nearby objects is


What coat ( tunic) of the eye is associated with the retina


What coat ( tunic) of the eye is the fibrous tunic


What coat ( tunic) of the eye is the vascular tunic

Posterior cavity

The vitreous humor is located in the

Anterior cavity

The aqueous humor is located in the


The disease resulting from impaired reabsorption of aqueous humor is


Photoreceptors for low light stimulations are


Photoreceptors for sharp, color sensation are

Fovea centralis of the Macula lutea

The area on the retina with the greatest concentration of cones is the _____________of the_______________

Optic disc

The blind spot results from there being no receptors in the.

Optic chiasm

Some optic nerve fibers cross at the

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