11 terms

11 Body Systems: functions and organs

Nervous System
Receives incoming information (senses). Sends messages to the body about how to react.
Skeletal System
Provides Shape and structure to the body. Allows for movement. Protects vital organs. Produces blood cells.
Integumentary System
Protects the body from invaders by providing a tough protective layer. Warms the body. Cools the body.
Muscular System
Allows for movement of the body. Keeps head in position. Provides heat.
Endocrine System
Controls body functions using chemicals messengers called hormones.
Circulatory System
Transports oxygen, waste, nutrients, hormones, heat, etc... around the body
Respiratory System
Brings oxygen into the body. Gets rid of carbon dioxide.
Urinary System
Cleanses the blood. Rids the body of wastes. Maintains salt and water balance.
Immune System
Fights disease.
Digestive System
Breaks down food into smaller molecules. Absorbs these nutrients into the body.
Reproductive System
Produces sex cells (sperm and eggs). Produces sex hormones (testosterone, estrogen). Nurtures the unborn baby (fetus).