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Piece - Artist, Year, & Style

Rain, Steam and Speed

J.M. William Turner, 1844

The Gross Clinic

Thomas Eakins, 1875


Marcel Duchamp, 1917(Original) & 1964(Replica)

Murdering Airplane

Max Ernst, 1920

Horse and Train

Alexander Colville, 1954
Magic Realism

Soup Cans

Andy Warhol, 1962
Pop Art

Three Gorges Project

Liu Xiaodong, 2003-2004
Expressionist (more or less)

Bored with the Internet

xkcd, 2006
Comic Art

Street Light

Giacomo Balla, 1909
Divisionist / Futurist

The City Rises

Umberto Boccioni, 1910
Divisionist / Futurist


Otto Dix, 1928
A form of Social Realism that grew out of Dadaism.


Edward Hopper, 1942
American Realism

Just What Is It That Makes Today's Homes So Different, So Appealing?

Richard Hamilton, 1956
Pop Art

The Death of Marat

Jacques-Louis David, 1793

Liberty Leading the People

Eugene Delacroix, 1830

We Are Making a New World

Paul Nash, 1918

Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge

El Lissitzky, 1919
Suprematism / Constructivism


Shepard Fairey, 2008
Street Art / Social Realism / Etc.

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