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  1. anesthesia and pt. medical history.
  2. contusion
  3. ligature
  4. topical anesthesia
  5. Sharps instruments
  1. a applied to the skin or sprayed on with short duration to allow piercing, lancing or injecting for patient comfort; ex: ethyl chloride spray, Emla patch
  2. b to tie off; like the end of a blood vessel during surgery
  3. c All communication to and from pt. prior to administering anesthesia. Also MUST ask about allergies prior to administering anesthesia.
  4. d cutting instruments: scalpels and dissecting, bandage, suturing and surgical scissors.
  5. e a type of closed wound, a bruise

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  1. to approximate edges (bring edges together) speed healing, reduce scarring
  2. known as the Father of Medicine, first to use boiled water to irrigate wounds (460 BC)
  3. Helps hold dressing in place; improve circulation; support or reduce tension or prevent movement. Must be clean, may be sterile.
  4. may be added to anesthesia, will have red labelling. It is a vasoconstrictor and should not be used on Pts with hypertension or on areas that are extremities. It's benefit is less bleeding during procedure.
  5. pt. name , dr's name, date and time of collection, body site or source, your initials (include requisition form)

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  1. Grasping instrumentsgrasping or clamping: hemostatic forceps, tissue forceps, dressing or thumb forceps, sponge forceps, splinter forceps


  2. fenestrated drapean area separate from the sterile field, but should be nearby; can turn your back on it, may have unopened sterile items and all items will at least be clean.


  3. chromic gut vs. plain gut suturessilk, nylon, Dacron, cotton, stainless steel staples; used on body surface, must be removed


  4. Size of sutures-usesoverall: smallest possible for face 7-0 ideally,
    higher for joints and higher tension areas or deep sutures more like 4-0 (handout)


  5. 10% formalina common injectable anesthesia. "-caine" indicates anesthesia.