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  1. topical anesthesia
  2. lidocaine
  3. excise
  4. Autoclave temperature for sterilization
  5. Sharps instruments
  1. a applied to the skin or sprayed on with short duration to allow piercing, lancing or injecting for patient comfort; ex: ethyl chloride spray, Emla patch
  2. b a common injectable anesthesia. "-caine" indicates anesthesia.
  3. c 250-254 F or 121-123 C. Autoclave requires-heat water and pressure: 15psi, 20 minutes minimum
  4. d to cut out of; surgical removal
  5. e cutting instruments: scalpels and dissecting, bandage, suturing and surgical scissors.

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  1. catgut, Vicryl, PDS II, used internally and are not removesd
  2. to approximate edges (bring edges together) speed healing, reduce scarring
  3. to cut into
  4. are less complex than major; uses local vs. general anesthesia; is an office procedure vs. hospitalization. could include electrosurgery, laser surgery, microsurgery, or cryosurgery,
  5. must be sterile (specifics in other flashcard set)

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  1. medically aseptic hand wash2-3 minutes; hands and wrists; hands held down for rinsing; pathogens loosened and carried away from hands and wrists; clean nails with pick; hands together for friction; dry with paper towels; lotion use ok; apply gloves for protection; (removes transient flora)


  2. dressingprotects wound from injury and contamination; maintains constant pressure minimizing bleeding and swelling; holds wound edges together; absorbs drainage and secretions. Because it is going directly in or on an opening into the body, it must be sterile.


  3. incisional proceduresinvasive, cutting into patient's body; surgical asepsis required


  4. sterile glovesA. sterile saline 0.9% comes in 1. multiple dose vial for injections, 2 larger container for rinsing and irrigating wounds. B. sterile water comes in 1. multiple dose vial for use as diluent for mixing meds, 2. large container for rinsing instruments after chemical disinfection.


  5. Grasping instrumentsgrasping or clamping: hemostatic forceps, tissue forceps, dressing or thumb forceps, sponge forceps, splinter forceps


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