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  1. infection
  2. Purpose of suturing
  3. Size of sutures-uses
  4. Sharps instruments
  5. Dry heat sterilization
  1. a overall: smallest possible for face 7-0 ideally,
    higher for joints and higher tension areas or deep sutures more like 4-0 (handout)
  2. b Signs inflammation has moved to infection: exudate, systemic heat, nausea, general malaise, function loss
  3. c cutting instruments: scalpels and dissecting, bandage, suturing and surgical scissors.
  4. d to approximate edges (bring edges together) speed healing, reduce scarring
  5. e requires higher heat 320 F, and longer exposure 3-4 hours; done in an autoclave, for easily corroding instruments like sharp blades or things that should not get wet.

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  1. 250-254 F or 121-123 C. Autoclave requires-heat water and pressure: 15psi, 20 minutes minimum
  2. must be sterile (specifics in other flashcard set)
  3. sterile drape with fenestration/window/hole to put over surgical site to only expose immediate area for procedure
  4. suturing, cyst removal, incision and drainage of an abscess, collection of biopsies, vasectomy, arthroscopy, circumcision, teeth extraction, toenail removal, mole removal, needle biopsy, joint fluid aspiration, spinal tap, bone marrow aspiration
  5. known as the Father of Medicine, first to use boiled water to irrigate wounds (460 BC)

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  1. inciseto cut out of; surgical removal


  2. labelling tissue samplean area separate from the sterile field, but should be nearby; can turn your back on it, may have unopened sterile items and all items will at least be clean.


  3. absorbable suturescatgut, Vicryl, PDS II, used internally and are not removesd


  4. incisional proceduresinvasive, cutting into patient's body; surgical asepsis required


  5. sterile glovesgo on after sterile short scrub; protects you and keeps sterility