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Yves Klein and Dino Buzzati engaged in the ritual transfer of immateriality 1962photograph of the actPiero Manzoni LineInk on paper with cardboard container objectPiero Manzoni, Living Sculpture, 1961photographPiero Manzoni, Merda d'artista, 1961Artist shitFluxus Street Evernts 1964photograph by George maciunasGeorge Maciunas In Memoriam of Adriano Olivetti 1962photographNam June Paik One For Violin Solo 1962photographBen Vautier Total Art Match Box 1966PhotographNam June Paik, TV Bra for Living SculptureTV With Charlotte MoormanShigeko Kubota 1965 Vagina PaintingPerformance art PhotographJean Tinguely, Homage to New York, 1960A self constructing and self destroying work of art conceived and built by Jean TinguelyJoseph Beuys, How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare, 1965photographJoseph Beuys, I Like America and America Likes Me, 1974photograph performance artJannis Kounellis, Untitled, 1969photographJannis Kounellis Untitled 1969coffee grinds on shelvesGiovanni Anselmo, Untitled (Eating Structure), 1968Granite copper wire lettuceRoelof Louw Soul City Pyramid of oranges 1967aspen art museum structuralTom Marioni The act of drinking beer with friends is the highest for of art 1970photographRobert Barry The Gallery is closed for the duration of the exhibition 1969SIMULTANEOUS IN AMSTERDAM turin and Los Angeles