39 terms

COMD 2050 Test 1

Phonetics, Animals and Human Language, Origins of Language, Sounds of Language, Sound Patterns of Language, Word Formation, Morphology

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bilabial, voiced, stop
ball, taboo, rub
lingua-velar, voiceless, stop
cow, peeking, wake
lingua-alveolar, voiced, stop
deer, radar, bleed
labio-dental, voiceless, fricative
food, lifeboat, thief
lingua-velar, voiced, stop
goose, ago, flag
glottal, voiced, fricative
happy, greyhound
lingua-alveolar, voiced, affricate
job, badger, cage
lingua-alveolar, voiceless, liquid
late, balloon, fall
bilabial, voiced, nasal
mask, amount, calm
lingua-alveolar, voiced, nasal
knob, pin
lingua-velar, voiced, nasal
singer, ring
bilabial, voiceless, stop
pot, happy, top
lingua-palatal, voiced, liquid
rope, baron, far
lingua-alveolar, voiceless, fricative
soap, assume, miss
lingua-alveolar, voiced, stop
zipper, buzzer, nose
lingua-alveolar, voiceless, stop
telephone, attack, loot
labio-dental, voiced, fricative
voice, waiver, above
bilabial, voiced, glide
wish, awhile
lingua-palatal, voiced, glide
yellow, opinion
lingua-palatal, voiced, fricative
vision, beige
lingua-alveolar, voiceless, affricate
chop, catcher, watch
lingua-palatal, voiceless, fricative
shoe, fishing, wish
lingua-dental, voiceless, fricative
thing, toothbrush, with
lingua-dental, voiced, fricative
that, wither, smooth
monophthong, high front
eat, week, tree
monophthong, high front
invite, pin
monophthong, mid front
eight, locate, ballet
monophthong, mid front
extra, bet
monophthong, low front
at, glass
monophthong, mid central, stressed
but, tough, oven, another
monophthong, mid central,unstressed
the, sofa, asia
monophthong, high back
boot, who, duty
monophthong, high back
put, foot, butcher
monophthong, mid back
bought, caught, stalk
monophthong, mid back
over, boat, hello
monophthong, low back
awkward, clock, raw
aisle, mine, try
hour, mouth, plow
oil, spoil, destroy