53 terms

Los adjetivos

We should have many options to choose from when describing others. Master this list to be able to give detailed descriptions of people and things.

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Él es atlético.
He is athletic.
Ella es atlética.
She is athletic.
Él es cómico.
He is funny.
Ella es cómica.
She is funny.
Él es estudioso.
He is studious.
Ella es estudiosa.
She is studious.
Él es extrovertido.
He is extroverted.
Ella es extrovertida.
She is extroverted.
Él es generoso.
He is generous.
Ella es generosa.
She is generous.
Él es inteligente.
He is smart.
Ella es inteligente.
She is smart.
Él es interesante.
He is interesting.
Ella es interesante.
She is interesting.
Él es organizado.
He is organized.
Ella es organizada.
She is organized.
Él es muy popular.
He is very popular.
Ella es muy popular.
She is very popular.
Él es tímido.
He is shy.
Ella es tímida.
She is shy.
Él es bonito (guapo).
He is good-looking.
Ella es bonita (guapa).
She is good-looking.
Él no es feo.
He is not ugly.
Ella no es fea.
She is not ugly.
Él es rubio.
He is blonde.
Ella es rubia.
She is blonde.
Él es moreno.
He is dark-haired / dark-complexioned.
Ella es morena.
She is dark-haired / dark-complexioned.
Él es pelirrojo.
He is red-haired.
Ella es pelirroja.
She is red-haired.
Él es aburrido.
He is boring.
Ella es aburrida.
She is boring.
Él es alto.
He is tall.
Ella es alta.
She is tall.
Él es bajo.
He is short.
Ella es baja.
She is short.
El gato es gordo.
The (male) cat is fat.
La gata es gorda.
The (female) cat is fat.
El gato no es delgado (flaco).
The (male) cat is not skinny.
La gata no es delgada (flaca).
The (female) cat is not skinny.
Él es desorganizado.
He is disorganized.
Ella es desorganizada.
She is disorganized.
Él es un poco loco.
He is a little bit crazy.
Ella es un poco loca.
She is a little bit crazy.
Él es bastante serio.
He is quite serious.
Ella es bastante seria.
She is quite serious.
Él es muy simpático.
He is very nice.
Ella es muy simpática.
She is very nice.
Yo soy joven.
I am young.
Él es viejo.
He is old.
Ella es vieja.
She is old.
Él es muy perezoso.
He is very lazy.
Ella es muy perezosa.
She is very lazy.