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Science vocabulary words.

Food chain

A model that describes the feeding relationship between a producer and a single line of consumers.


These trees drop their leaves as winter approaches and grow new leaves in the spring.


Organisms that get their energy by eating other organisms.


Large goegraphic areas that are similar in climate and have similar types of plants and animals.

Energy pyramid

A model that shows the amount of energy availabe at each feeding level of an ecosystem.

Biotic factors

The living parts of an ecosystem.

Carbon cycle

How carbon moves through earths atmosphere and its ecosystem.


These trees have needlelike leaves that produce food all year long.


An organism that captures energy and stores it in food as chemical energy.


scientific study of interactions among organisms and between organisms and their environment.


The lower and of a river that feeds into the ocean.

Water cycle

The movement of water through the enviorment.


The word used to describe a particular enviorment and all the living things that are supported by it.


organism that breaks down and obtains energy from dead organic matter.


A series of events that happen over and over again.

Abiotic factors

The nonliving parts of an ecosystem.

Nitrogen cycle

The movement of nitrogen through earth.

Food web

Model of feeding relationships between many different comsumers and producers in an ecosystem.

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