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the study of earthquakes.

elastic rebound

is the sudden return of elastically deformed rock into its original shape.


instruments located at or near the surface of the earth that records semsic waves


the point on the earths surface directly above an earthquakes starting point


the point inside the earth where an earthquake begins

S waves

are the second fastest semsic wave


is magma that flows onto the earths surface.

pyroclastic material

of the rock fragments created by explosive volcanic material.

pillow lava

lava in the form of an agglomeration of rounded, pillow-shaped masses, the result of subaqueous or subglacial volcanic eruption.

where do earthquakes mostly occur

They are most likely to occur at tectonic plates

what is a seismograph

a tool that measures ground movement

list the 4 pyroclastic materials

volcanic blocks, volcanic bombs, lapilli, ash

what is a shield volcano

are layers of lava that over time create a volcano spreads over a wide area.

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