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- love science and medicine,
- maximum interaction with people
- my experiences with nurses during externship and family deliveries have shown me the responsibilities they carry and the impact they have on their patients

There are a lot of reasons that I want to be a nurse. I've always been a lover of science and medicine and solving problems. And I've also always found so much value in relationships and being around people. That's what really makes my life meaningful and fills my cup. I have a really close relationship with my family and being able to witness my aunt's giving birth to my cousins were huge moments in my life that really showed me about the deep impact that nurses can have on their patients and the trust that can be formed to really help people through such personal and intense moments moments in peoples lives. So I knew from about age 13 that I was extremely drawn to the nursing profession, and when I was a senior in high school I jumped at the opportunity to participate in an externship program that let me shadow a nurse on Labor and Delivery at TMH for 5 hours a week for a year. I fell in love with nursing more than I ever even expected. Everything about it excited me, I loved learning every time I was there. I loved having the privilege of being a part of people's important life moments, and I really loved the way that the nurses were able to help people through those moments and develop trust and relationships with their patient that really supported them in the ways that they needed and I really want the maximum interaction with people that nursing provides.