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n. a moment of great wisdom and understanding achieved through meditation and following the Eightfold Path; the ultimate goal of Buddihsm


n. one who leads a life of deprivation, usually in order to achieve a spiritual goal


n. a mound-like Buddhist holy structure used as a place of worship


n. quieting the mind and focusing on the present to shut out the distractions of the world


n. a very long journey or search of great moral significance

Middle Way/Middle Path

N. the act of seeking a balance by rejecting the extremes of wanting everything and giving up everything


n. the cycle of rebirth


n. a spiritual state of perfect peace without selfish attachments to worldly possessions

Four Noble Truths

N. philosophy on how to overcome endless suffering by attaining enlightenment

Eightfold Path

N. the basic moral teaching of Buddhism ; their goal is to stop all suffering


an enlightenend person who chooses not to proceed to nirvana, but to help other reach nirvana


v. to act on; to produce an effect or change in


n. something that is produced by an agency or cause ; result; consequence


pron. of it


contraction. it is

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