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radial and ulnar

deep veins, draining the forearm


vein that receives blood from the arm via the axillary vein


veins that drain venous blood from the myocardium of the heart into the coronary sinus


vein that drains the kidney

internal jugular

vein that drains the dural sinuses of the brain


two veins that join to become the superior vena cava

anterior & posterior tibial

veins that drain the leg and foot

hepatic portal

large vein that carries nutrient-rich blood from the digestive organs to the liver for processing


superficial vein that drains the lateral aspect of the arm


vein that drains the ovaries or testes


vein that drains the thorax, empties into the superior vena cava

inferior vena cava

largest vein below the thorax


vein that drains the liver

gastric, inferior mesenteric, superior mesenteric

three veins that form/empty into the hepatic portal vein

great saphenous

longest superficial vein of the body; found in the leg

common iliac

vein that is formed by the union of the external and internal iliac veins


deep vein of the thigh

common carotid & subclavian

two arteries formed by the division of the brachicepahlic trunk


first artery that branches off the ascending aorta; serves the heart

internal carotid & vertebral

two paired arteries, serving the brain


largest artery of the body

dorsalis pedis

arterial network on the dorsum of the foot

deep artery of thigh

artery that serves the posterior thigh


artery that supplies the diaphragm


artery that splits to form the radial and ulnar arteries


artery generally auscultated to determine blood pressure in the arm

inferior mesenteric

artery that supplies the last half of the large intestine

internal iliac

artery that serves the pelvis


external iliac becomes this artery on entering the thigh


major artery serving the arm

superior mesenteric

artery that supplies most of the small intestine

common iliac

the terminal branches of the dorsal, or descending aorta

celiac trunk

arterial trunk that has three major branches, which serve the liver, spleen, and stomach

external carotid

major artery, serving the tissues exernal to the skull

posterior tibial, anterior tibial, peroneal

three arteries serving the leg inferior to the knee


artery generally used to feel the pulse at the wrist


damage to the left semilunar valve would interfere with blood flow into this vessel

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