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Cell transport Short answers

the cell is shrinking away from the cell wall because it lost water. because the cell is smaller its putting less pressure on the cell wall and without that pressure the plant will wilt.
Why do plants wilt when you do not water them?
The contractile vacuoles act as a pump so that the cell doesn't fill up with too much water and have the cells break open If this was to happen it would kill the cell
Why do single celled organisms that live in fresh water need contractile vacuoles
The inside of the cell is a higher concentration and the outside is a lower concentration of solute
A cell is using energy to bring solute particles through the membrane and into the cell. What do you know about the concentration of particles inside and outside of the cell.
when you placed the egg in the Kool aid it was _____ to the Kool aid
The membrane of the egg is selectively permeable to the kool aid. but the yolks membrane is selectively permeable to a different degree there for the kool aid could not pass through the membrane
Explain why the red dye was found in the white but not in the yolk
Humans have a lower salt concentration in our cells so we get dehydrated when we drink salt water. Human cells are hypotonic to the salt water and out membrane is selectively permeable and will only allow water to pass through moving out of the cell according to osmosis
Why can't humans drink salt water?
cells are the smallest functional structure of an organism. many cells of the same type form tissue and different tissues coming together form an organ. Different organs working together form an organ system and many organ systems create an organism
describe the relationship among cells, tissues, organs and organ systems
phagocytosis, larger vesicles, cell eating
what is the specific type of active transport we watched in the video with the amoeba?