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Defintions offrim chapter 13


One way to increase the rate at which a substance dissolves is _____ it.


Separates components of a mixture based on how quickly different molecules dissolved in a mobile phase move along a solid phase.

Surface area

A way to increase the rate at which a substance dissolves is to increase its ___


Used to separate mixtures by spinning rapidly causing the denser materials to go the bottom of the tube


The material that gets dissolved when forming a solution


Ionic solutes can be dissolved in a ____ solvent

Henry's law

___ states that at constant temperature, the solubility of a gas in liquid is directly proportional to the partial pressure of the gas on the surface of the liquid


Separating components of a mixture based on their boiling points

Super Saturated

Contains more than the maximum amount of solute dissolved in a given amount of solvent for those conditions


Two or more liquids that do not mix with each other are_


A way to increase the rate at which a solute dissolves is to increase the __of the solvent


Separates components of a mixture based on the size of the particles

Chemical nature

whether a substance dissolves in each other depends on their ___


A concentration involving moles of solute per liter of solution


A homogeneous mixture of two or more substances uniformly dispersed throughout a single phase.


You can use a ___ to separate, iron, nickel or cobalt from a mixture.


A ___ contains the maximum amount of solute dissolved in the given amount of solvent.

Solubility Equilibrium

Occurs when solute particles are dissolving and crystallizing at the same rate.


__ and temperature affect the solubility of gases


_____ Affects the solubility of substance.


A non-polar solute will dissolve in a non-polar substance.


A mixture consisting of tiny particles that are intermediate in size between those in solutions and those in suspensions that suspended in a liquid, solid, or gas.


The substance that does the dissolving when making a solution.


The ability of one substance to dissolve into another at a given temperature and pressure.


A mixture in which the different parts spontaneously separate over time.


If a solution can have more solute dissolved into it, it is called ___ supercalifragilisticexpialidocious supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

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