30 terms

Daily Activities

wake up
She wakes up in the morning.
get up
He gets up in the morning.
take a shower
He takes a shower in the morning.
take a bath
She takes a bath in the morning.
eat breakfast
They have breakfast in the morning.
go to school
They go to school in the morning.
She studies in the morning and in the afternoon.
They play in the morning.
play football
She plays football in the afternoon.
go home
He goes home in the afternoon.
eat lunch
They eat lunch in the afternoon.
use a computer
She uses a computer in the afternoon.
watch TV
She watches TV in the afternoon.
do homework
He does homework in the afternoon.
She exercises in the morning.
play computer games
He plays computer games in the evening.
have a snack
They have a snack in the afternoon.
take a nap
She takes a nap in the afternoon.
do ballet
They do ballet in the afternoon.
listen to music
She listens to music in the afternoon.
eat dinner
They have dinner in the evening.
go to the movies
They go to the movies in the evening.
watch videos
They watch videos in the evening.
go to church
They go to church in the morning.
go shopping
She goes shopping in the afternoon.
clean up
She cleans up in the morning.
wash the car
He washes the car in the morning.
stay at home
He stays at home in the evenings.
play sports
They play sports in the afternoons.
go to bed
She goes to bed at night.

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