Test 3 ch 31

25 terms by sourberryblue2bs

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In which American city, according to the author, was the idea of freedom centered during the last decades of the eighteenth century?

d. Philadelphia

Who is considered the founder of the American Philosophical Society, which predated the English Lunar Society and shared many of the same aims of its American counterpart?

b. Benjamin Franklin

Which of the following is NOT among the items specifically mentioned as being taxed by the Stamp Act of 1765?

a. wagon wheels

Who is specifically mentioned as being among those killed during the event captured in the engraving known as The Bloody Massacre?

c. Crispus Attucks

Who is the silversmith that engraved The Bloody Massacre?

d. Paul Revere

Which of the following is NOT among the items specifically mentioned as one of the measures that became known as the Intolerable Acts of 1774?

b. The wholesale price of tea was decreased by fifty percent.

Who is the author of Common Sense, in which he contended that the only solution to the colonists' problems with Britain was independence followed by a republican form of government?

a. Thomas Paine

Who was considered the chief drafter of the American Declaration of Independence and chairman of the committee that prepared the document?

c. Thomas Jefferson

Which of the following is NOT among the nations specifically mentioned as being among those that supported the revolutionaries with money and naval forces in order to dilute British power?

d. Italy

. Which of the following is NOT among those specifically mentioned as being the authors of The Federalist, although they were signed by "Publius Valerius Publicola"?

b. Edward Gibbon

Who was the author of History of Ancient Art, which the author mentions as being the first book to include the phrase "history of art" in its title?

a. Johann Winckelmann

Who designed Lord Scarsdale's country house, Kedleston Hall, in Derbyshire, and became the "most sought-after architect" of the period?

c. Robert Adam

Who created the ceramics that Robert Adam selected to decorate many of the interiors that he designed?

d. Josiah Wedgwood

Which of the following is NOT among those specifically mentioned as being one of the primary markets for Josiah Wedgwood's earthenware?

b. Spain

Who created most of the relief designs on the vases produced by Josiah Wedgwood?

a. John Flaxman

Who designed the Virginia State Capitol?

c. Thomas Jefferson

Who was hired to rebuild the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, after the British burned it during the War of 1812?

d. Benjamin Henry Latrobe

Who is the author of Poems on Various Subjects: Religious and Moral, published in 1773 and stressing the theme of Christian salvation?

b. Phyllis Wheatley

Who is the author of Oroonoko, the story of an African prince and the woman he loves?

a. Aphra Behn

Who wrote The Wealth of Nations and claimed that a laissez-faire economic policy is the best?

c. Adam Smith

Who painted Watson and the Shark, which may contain a commentary on slavery?

d. John Singleton Copley

Which of the following is NOT among the cultures listed as providing recognizable elements in the Haitian religious practice known as Voudou?

b. Benin

The chapter's "Continuity and Change" section mentions Thomas Jefferson's favorite architect, whose influence can be seen in many of Jefferson's designs. Who was Jefferson's favorite architect?

a. Andrea Palladio

The chapter's "Continuity and Change" section mentions that Antonio Canova's larger-than-life-size sculpture of Napoleon Bonaparte depicted the Emperor "in the nude as the modern embodiment" of one of the Roman gods. Which one?

c. Mars

The chapter's "Continuity and Change" section mentions that Antonio Canova's statue of Napoleon Bonaparte was eventually purchased by the British government as a gift. For whom?

d. The Duke of Wellington

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