100 terms

PM final exam

Main reaon CEOs fail
poor execution
which of the following is not an example of a soft skill
financial analysis
most project sponsors would say that the most important output of any project is
its deliverables
which of the following conflict handling modes do successful project managers most often use
_________ includes all of the activities related to satisfying the relevant quality standards for a project
quality assurance
________ diagrams can assist in ensuring and improving quality by finding the root causes of quality problems
fishbone or Ishikawa
which of the following statements are false
most people today prefer managers who follow theory X vs theory Y
some project managers like to assess team performance by using a technique known as MBWA, which stands for
management by wandering around
if a project team goes from 3 to 6 people, how many more communications channels are there
Buyers often develop a _____ of the top 3 to 5 suppliers to reduce the work involved in selecting a source
short list
which knowledge areas include tasks related to monitoring and controlling?
all 9 knowledge areas except HR mgmt
_____ is a project performance merasurement technique that integrates scope, time, and cost data
Earned value mgmt
________ involves formal acceptance of the completed project scope by the stakeholders
scope verification
________ issues cause the most conflict over the life of projects
A_________ chart is a histogram that can help you identify and prioritize problem areas
When a process is out of control, variations in the results of the process are caused by ___ events
which of the following is not a tool or technique for managing project teams
control charts
_______ predict future project status and progress based on past information and trends
________are unplanned responses to risk events
__________ change orders are oral or written acts or omissions by someone with actual or apparent authority that can be construed to have the same effect as a written change order
which knowledge areas include tasks related to closing
project integration and procurement mgmt
which of the following statements is false
closing does not include developing a transition plan
updating documentation and historical information produced by the project in a useful format is part of _____
updating organizational process assets
answering questions such as "what will you do differently on the next project based on your experience working on this project?" is a part of a_____
lessons learned report
contract closure involves completion and settlement of contracts and resolution of ________
any open items
the _____ should include requirements for formal acceptance and closure of contracts
contract itself
A____ is another name for a project close out meeting
post mortem
_________ are reviews often performed during contract closure to identify lessons learned in the entire procurement process
procurement audits
which of the following was not a lesson learned from the just-in-time training project?
supplier partnerships were not very effective
which of the following is not advice for closing projects or phases
dont neet to celebrate completion
______ are optimal methods, currently recognized within a given industry or discipline, to achieve a goal or objective
best practices
the PMI intially published the ______ in december 2003 to adress the need to bridge the gap between organizational strategy and successful projects
OPM3 organizational PM maturity model
the PMI defines best practices in each of the following areas except_____
project personell
Orgz can measure performance against their own past; against peers; and, even better, agains_____
Alpha PM represent the top ____ of PM based on performance
which of the following is a trait of alpha PM
send fewer emails
which of the following is true regarding studies on the value of project mgmt and project mgmt maturity
PMI sponsored ibbs study found that companies with a high maturity level spend less money on project mgmt than companies with a low maturity
what was the average maturity level reported by survey participants in the PWC study
which of the following is not a best practice listed in the text
dont spend time or money on projects before the officially start
what is the main message of the final cartoon in this chapter
never lose sense of humor
What company was listed as the #1 place to work by Fortune Magazine in 2007 and 2008?
You get tested at a gym to see how your physical fitness compares to others your age. This is an example of ___________
What type of diagram, also called a fishbone or Ishikawa diagram, helps find the root cause of a quality problem?
cause and effect diagram
How did Kristin handle the problem of a lack of motivation by Jamie on the Just-In-Time Training project?
she found a replacement for her
If a project team has six people, how many two-way communications channels are there?
What report is often used to summarize work performance data during execution?
milestone report
People with a high need for _________ need regular feedback and often prefer to work alone or with other people like them.
The majority of a project's time and budget is spent on _______________.
When should a process for handling change requests be defining for a project?
during planning
What is the name of a newer conflict-handling mode where decision makers incorporate different viewpoints and insights to develop consensus and commitment?
A ____________ chart compares planned and actual project schedule information.
tracking Gantt
If seven data points in a row are all below the mean, above the mean, increasing, or decreasing, it is a violation of __________________.
the seven run rule
Which one knowledge area does not include tasks related to monitoring and controlling?
project HR mgmt
If the budget at completion for a project is $200,000 and the cost performance index is .9, what is the estimate at completion?
222 222
People with this Myers-Briggs dimension prefer detailed schedules and focus on task completion.
J judgement
A _______________ deliverable has been completed and checked for correctness as part of quality control.
____________ is an estimate of the value of the physical work actually completed.
earned value
If a project is running behind schedule and over budget, where will the estimate at completion point be on the earned value chart relative to the budget at completion point?
above and to the right
You want to see if there is a relationship between two variables, like time of day and worker productivity. What type of quality control tool could you use to visualize this information?
scatter diagram
Changes related to procured items should be _________________.
A. approved in the same way that the original part of the plan was approved
B. evaluated using an impact analysis
C. documented in writing
D. all of the above
Answering questions like "Reflect on whether or not you met the project success criteria" and "Describe one example of what went wrong on this project" are found in a _____________ report.
lessons learned
Some people call a close-out meeting a ______________ meeting.
post mortem
It is good practice to hold a ____________ meeting as part of closing.
Many organizations are working hard to improve the ___________ process since human capital is one of their key assets.
knowledge transfer
As part of project closing, it is important to plan for and execute a smooth ___________________ of the project into normal operations of the company.
Some organizations have the project sponsor complete a ____________ form to close a project or phase.
project completion/customer acceptance
Which knowledge area includes the closing process called close project or phase?
project integration mgmt
Which of the following is not a tool to assist in closing procurements?
e-procurement systems
Which of the following statements is false concerning the closing of the Just-In-Time Training project?
All but one of the training courses were offered within a year
What was the bad dream about in the xkcd.com cartoon?
not finishing a project
According to Andy Crowe's research, the best project managers send ________ e-mails per day and spend spend _________ time in meetings than typical project managers.
fewer, less
The author of this text's first real job at the age of 22 was as a project manager _____________.
in the US air force
What company launched an initiative in 1996 to better meet customer needs and ensure a consistent approach to project management, with nearly 10,000 employees earning the PMP credential?
Wikipedia defines a best practice as the most efficient and effective way of accomplishing a task, based on _________ procedures that have proven themselves over time for large numbers of people.
Even though a PriceWaterhouse Coopers' study found that staff development and professional certification enhance overall project performance, they also found that more than _______% of companies surveyed do not regularly offer a development program to their project managers.
The Project Management Institute published the Organizational Project Management Maturity Model to describe best practices in ______________.
project management (your answer)
B. program management
C. portfolio management
D. all of the above
William Ibbs, a Professor at the University of California at Berkeley, found that high project management maturity results in ____________ direct costs of project management.
Where does Rosabeth Moss Kanter, a professor at Harvard Business School and well-known author and consultant, suggest that people look to improve best practices?
What does Andy Crowe call the top 2% of project managers?
Alpha project managers
A ____________ is a criterion used to determine the degree to which an outcome is achieved.
KPI key performance indicator
The mirroring technique can be used to help establish rapport.
Another name for a cause and effect diagram is a wishbone diagram.
Intrinsic motivation causes people to do something for a reward or to avoid a penalty.
A process for handling changes should be defined during project execution.
Projects are more likely to succeed when project managers focus on work challenge and expertise to influence people.
If you do not want the schedule duration to increase, you should focus on leveling non-critical tasks.
The confrontation mode of conflict management should be used when a conflict is low in both task and relationship importance.
The main executing outputs for project quality management are deliverables.
In general, the majority of a project's time and budget is spent on project execution.
The second stage of team development, storming, refers to team members brainstorming together.
Change requests are outputs of every knowledge area involved in monitoring and controlling.
In earned value management, a baseline includes scope, time, and quality tasks.
Pareto analysis is sometimes referred to as the 80/20 rule.
It is normally a good practice to have a lot of workarounds on a project.
The 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens ended up costing more than double the original budget.
To calculate the estimate at completion for a project, you need to divide the BAC by the SPI.
A validated deliverable has been completed and checked for correctness as part of quality control.
A milestone chart graphically displays bars for planned and actual project schedule information by task.
If the cost or schedule performance index is less than one, then the project is under budget or ahead of schedule.
If the earned value of a task is higher than its actual cost, the cost variance will be positive, which is usually good.