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  1. Factors that effect credit score
  2. extend warranties
  3. home owners insurance
  4. where does the profit for credit card companies come from?
  5. Car leasing
  1. a - when you lease a car you agree to pay the value of the vehicle used during the lease
  2. b - they charge discount to the merchant (2%-3%)
    - charging interest/ annual fees (6%-24%)
  3. c there are 6 types:
    -limited coverage: fire, lighting, vandalism
    -basic coverage: falling objects, ice, etc.
    -comprehensive: Everything
    -renters: personal belongings in a condo
    -older homes: cash damages rather then what you paid
  4. d - a promise to preform/ pay for certain repairs or services.
  5. e - payment history effects your _______ the most.
    -If you continue to payoff your credit, companies will continue to give you money
    -the scale is 300-900
    -it also effects your ability to obtain a loan/interest rate

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  1. - the max. out of pocket expensive (Co Pay) per year, before the insurance company pays 100% of expensive per year
  2. - a amount of time you pay for life insurance.(10 yrs)
    -Most common
  3. -indemnity plan: a private health care plan in which the policyholder is free to select his/her own health care provider
    -health maintenance org. (HMO): a managed health care plan that allows its members services preformed by Dr's and hospitals
    - preferred provider org. (PPO): a managed health care plan that offers medical benefits through a list of approved providers
    -Point of services (POS): a health insurance plan that has combined HMO's and PPO's
    -Dental insurance
    - vision insurance
  4. - the amount you pay out of pocket before your insurance pays the clam
  5. - holds the seller accountable for a recommend use.
    Ex. 0 degree sleeping bag will work in the winter

5 True/False questions

  1. comprehensive insurance- protects your car from other types of damages
    EX. weather, fire, theft


  2. interest rates- the amount you pay out of pocket before your insurance pays the clam


  3. credit card-the amount you pay for insurance


  4. premiums-the amount you pay for insurance


  5. warranty of merchantability- implies that the product will serve its purpose