History test 1

In 1610, Spain established the capital of New Mexico at ____, the first permanent European settlement in the Southwest.
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Merchants were called ___ and trading posts were called ___factors factoriesIn order for Spain to be unified, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella requiredJews and Muslims to convert to CatholicismMagellan's voyage provedthe circumference of the earth was large than Colombus estimatedColombian Exchangethe transfer of plants, animals, and diseases between the old world and new worldPeninsularesPersons of European birth living in the colonies considered the top of the hierarchy4 Racial Groups1. mestizo - offspring of Spaniard and Indian 2. castizo - offspring of a Spaniard and mestiza 3. coyote - offspring of an Indian and mestiza 4. chino - offspring of Indian man and African womanBlack Legendidea that Spain as a colonizer is uniquely brutal to the Nativesmajority of women came as ___ and were not allowed to marry until ___servants service is completeCalvert wanted a ___ ___ ___- a place where Catholics and protestants lived in harmonyrefuge for Catholicsfirst 3 English coloniesJamestown Plymouth MassachusettsPuritans allowed ___ and ___ to be connected. people payed taxes to support the churchchurch stateChristianity liberty didn't mean...religious toleranceMercantilismeconomic theory that government should regulate economic activityEnumerater goodswere the most valuable colonial products such as sugar. It had to be transferred by English ships and sold at English portsPennsylvania indirectly contributed to...African slave labor in the southern colonies___ and ___ are modern concepts that weren't fully developed in the 17th centuryrace racismlegally giving the offspring the same status as its "slave mother" made the enslavement of Africans a...perpetual and enduring economic and social institutionthose most likely accused of ___ were independent women who were outspoken and beyond child bearing agewitchcraftRedemptionersentire indentured families working to pay back the cost of passage to America. Dutch and English provided ships for passageseparation of ___ and ___ wasn't normalchurch stateAnglicizationprocess which colonial elites became more English in form or characterfree women were expected to devote their lives to...be good wives and mothers. cooking, cleaning, sewing___ was formed in 1732 by a group of ___ led by James OglethorpeGeorgia phalantophousslavery in Philadelphia stagnates after 1750 as artisans and merchants began to rely on...wage labordue to a low birthrate, slaves continued to be imported led to an...African based cultureBritain possessed a balanced constitution where...no man was above the lawRepublicanismcelebrates active participation in public life by economically independent citizensLiberalismthe person chooses their own freedom and beliefs rather than the governmentSalutary NeglectBritish government left the colonies alone to govern themselves in the first half of the 18th centuryfree ___ and free ___ were not normal in America. Freedom of the ___ didn't exist because governments saw it as dangerousexpression speech press___ ___ was ejected to sainthood in 2015Father Serra___ told his people to reject European technology, free themselves of their ancestors, and drive the British from their territoriesNeolinThe ___ ___ was the first direct tax parliament imposed on the coloniesStamp ActVirtual Representationeach member of Britain's house of commons represents the interests of all British subjects not just the region that elected themThe ___ ___ occured when British soldiers fired into a mob and killed Boston residenceBoston Massacrecolonists objected the ___ ___ because paying it would acknowledge Great Britain's right tup tax themTea Act___ ___ stated "I am not a Virginian, but an American"Patrick HenryJohn Adams chose ___ ___ as commander because it was important that someone from the south leadsGeorge WashingtonIn response to the Continental Army, England declares the colonies in a ___ ___ ___, and dispatches thousands of troops and order the closing of all colonial portsstate of rebellion___ ___ expanded the size of the publics sphere beyond the eliteCommon Sensein the ___ ___ ___, Jefferson's biggest influence with regard to natural rights came from...Declaration of Independence John Lockethe battle of ___ persuaded France that American victory is possible and leads to French military supportSaratogaBurgessa representative in a burg or city