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Sigma Chi National Pledge Test

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In the Fall of 1854 a member from the DKE Chapter at the University of Miami in Ohio was running for poet in the school's literary society named the Eurodelphian. The member that was running for the position thought that he would be successful in receiving the position because many of the voting members of the Eurodelphian were also apart of the DKE Chapter. However four of the members; Jordan, Runkle. Scobey, and Caldwell did not agree with the fact that they should just vote for the member just because he was apart of the same fraternity. This theory is called Merritt over loyalty, and they believed the other candidate that was running for poet was more qualified. Other DKE members; Bell and Cooper sided with them as well and that split the house in half 6 to 6 votes. The house was sent into turmoil and this is known as the Great Divide. A dinner meeting was called in February of 1855 to try and resolve the issues but only one of the six other members showed up, Whitelaw Reid. Reid came with a alumni named Minor Millikin. Millikin along with Reid informed all the members that they were wrong for their actions and that they should always choose loyalty over Merritt. Millikin also explained that Runkle and Scobey should also be expelled from the chapter and the others should be made an example of. Then Runkle threw his DKE Pin on the table and said "I did not join this fraternity to become someones tool, and that sir is my answer. Runkle and the others stormed out behind him. Reid tried to expel the members once but did not succeed and it took another time for the members to become expelled. The 6 members recruited William Lockwood as he was a business man and could help them get their constitution and chapter started. They began in an apartment outside the town square, and had many meetings to come up their morals and laws that they believed a fraternity should have. On June, 28 1855 the 7 men announced their fraternity and would be wearing their pins to a campus function.