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Pharmacy Terms and Definitions

Some various pharmacy terms, definitions, jobs,
Code of beliefs based on tradition rather than fact
Outpatient Pharmacy
Community pharmacies or pharmacies in outpatient hospital settings
Person who dispenses drugs and counsels patients
Pharmacy Clerk
Person who assists the pharmacist at the front counter of the pharmacy
Latin term for pharmacist
Inpatient Pharmacy
A pharmacy in a hospital or institutional setting
Pharmacy Technician
Person who assists the pharmacist by filling prescriptions and performing other nondispensing tasks
Set of standards written by a hospital or insurance company for patient treatment
Clinical Pharmacist
Pharmacist who monitors patient medications in inpatient and some retail settings
Inventory Technician
Orders and bills all stock
Robot Filler
Is trained to load mechanical equipment and keep it running smoothly
Chemo Technician
Interprets orders and prepares all chemotherapy agents
Clinical Technician
Assits the pharmacist with tracking patient's medications
Insurance Technician
Knows Medicare, Blue Cross, and other insurance companies' guidelines
Technician Recruiter
Recruits technicians into their outpatient or temporary agencies
Technician Trainer
Trains newly hired technicians in computer programs and other skills relevant to their pharmacy
PBM Operator
Helps customers over the phone
Computer Support Technician
Supports personnel with automated medication dispensing systems
Poison Control Call Center Operator
Screens incoming calls and trasfers calls to 911 operator or pharmacist; authorized to take teh call if it concerns a minor issue
The incorporation of a chemical agent across natural barriers within the body
The amount of a drug that reaches its intended destination by being absorbed into the bloodstream
The difference between a drug that is manufactured ina different dosage form or by a different company; includes the rate if absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion
The ability of a drug to passs into the bloodstream
The process of elimination of medicinal agents
The amount of time required for a chemical to be decreased by one half
To breathe in; directions used for an inhaler
To place into; instructions used for opthalmic or otics
Metered dose inhaler
Over-the-counter medications that do not require a prescription
Medication introduced other than by way of the intestines
The life of a drug, which includes absorption, metabolism, distribution, and excretion
The process that breaks down drugs for excretion
Chemical Structure
The shape of molecules and their location with regard to one another
Brand/trade Name
Trademark of a drug or device created by the original manufacturer
Drug Classification
Based on the action of a drug and its use
A list of drugs approved for use from which choices are made
Generic Name
Name assigned to a medication by the FDA
The description of a drug, including side effects, dosage forms, indications, and oteh pertinent information
The study of drugs and their effects on the body
Auxiliary Label
An adhesive label that is attached to a container with specific instructions or information pertaining to teh medication inside
Hard Copy
The original prescription
The electronic determination whether a person's insurance coverage is confirmed
Return to stock
Latin for "recipe"; commonly used to mean "prescription"
A prescription
Medication directions written in pharmacy terms on a prescription
Aseptic Technique
A method of preventing contamination by organisms
The size of a needle opening
Horizontal Flow Hood
Environement for preparation of sterile products that uses air originating fromthe back of the hood moving forward across the hood out into the room
Parenteral nutrition for individuals unable to eat
Laminar Flow Hood
Environement for preparation of sterile products within a streamline flow near a solid boundary
Peripheral Parenterals
Injection of a medication into the veins on the periphery of the body instead of into a central vein or artery
Total Parenteral Nuttrition
Large-volume IV nutrition administered throgh the central vein, which allows for a higher concentration of solutions
Universal Precautions
A set of standards used in the preparation of medications that reduces the chance of contamination
Vertical Flow Hood
Environment for preparation of chemotherapy treatments that uses air originating from the roof of the hood moving downward and captured in a vent on the floor of the hood