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When one ruler is in charge.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Capital of Russia on the Baltic Sea

Navagation Acts

Addss taxs to goods. Has to go through English Ports. All goods in and out of Great Brittain on English Ships though Brittish Ports.

Louis XIV of France

Louis the 14th a.k.a Sun King, Leader of the French Empire part of French-Bo'urbon Dynasty. One of the most demanding leaders of all time.

Ivan IV of Russia

King of Russia actuallr a Czar. Notoriusly named Ivan The Terrible. He was very odd. He even killed his own son


A piece of land that Austria owns but Prussia (Germany) wants it.

Peter I of Russia

Ivan's son, Expanded to Baltic Sea. Conqured Sweden, Immitated the ways of the west. Built Saint Pete like how Louis built Vesaliees. Named after himself. Not a Saint Though.

Elizabeth I of England

Queen of England

French and Indian War

War between, English America, vs French Louisiana sides with Native Americans, Looks to stop westward expansion.


Capital of France. A palace that Louis XIV built. 15 miles outside of Paris.

Cardinal-Duc de Richelieu

Advisor for Louis the XIII

Louis XIII of France

King of France part of Bourbon, Louis 14th father.

John Locke

A philosipher for the enlightenment


A philosipher for the enlightenment, came up with law book called Of laws and Punishments.

Adam Smith

A philosipher during the enlightenment. Came up with laws

Mary Wollstonecraft

A a philosopher during the enlightenment. Credited with the ideas of womens rights to learn. Fought and won the right of modern day womens rights.

King Charles I of England

King from 1625-1649 lead during Puritan and Pilgrim war of the Age of Absolutism.


Piece of land in current Germany. Had only two kings and a major factor in reuniteing Germany in the 1800's

Sun King

Name for King Louis the 14th of France

King Charles II of England

Ran during 1660-1685

King James II of England

King from 1685-1688 king ran away from Glorius Revolution or the Bloodless revolution.

King James Stuart I of England and Scotland

Took over English monarcy because he was the only living relative to Elizabeth the I and also King of Scotland from 1601-1625 Jamestowne, Virginia is named in his honor.

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