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  1. Define patterns of interaction in the insurgency
  2. Physical components and structures of the system
  3. Indicators that allow progress to be tracked at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels, and most important to provide an understanding of the key pressure points
  4. Social systems, Energetically open but organizationally closed, Self-organizing systems, non-equilibrium, GREATER THAN THE SUM OF THEIR PARTS!
  5. Key indicator of population confidence in security forces and in the long term the viability of the counterinsurgency effort
  6. Spontaneous local trade industry, industry, and economic development are only possible in an atmosphere of relative stability and security

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  1. BoundariesLimit between the insurgent movement and its environment


  2. InitiativeEnergy and matter the insurgency takes up from its environment


  3. Cultural LeverageBasic language training, understanding cultural norms and expectations, understanding how local populations and insurgents think.


  4. Cultural AwarenessHighest level of cultural capability, ability to use culture as a tool in an insurgent system


  5. OutputsEnergy and matter the insurgency takes up from its environment