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  1. Social systems, Energetically open but organizationally closed, Self-organizing systems, non-equilibrium, GREATER THAN THE SUM OF THEIR PARTS!
  2. Waste products or results that emerge from insurgent action
  3. Define patterns of interaction in the insurgency
  4. Final measure of effectiveness, relates to which side holds the ________ in the war
  5. Spontaneous local trade industry, industry, and economic development are only possible in an atmosphere of relative stability and security
  6. Day to Day events in the insurgency

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  1. Insurgent TheatersEcosystems that have adaptational evolutionary dynamics


  2. NodesDefine patterns of interaction in the insurgency


  3. Elements of Insurgent SystemsOrganic systems compromise 7 different elements


  4. Cultural UnderstandingMore advanced language capability and ability to fit in with local groups and to perform effectively while immersed in local culture


  5. Spontaneous IntelligenceKey indicator of population confidence in security forces and in the long term the viability of the counterinsurgency effort


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