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  1. Day to Day events in the insurgency
  2. Increase in the willingness of moderate Muslims to speak out as a key measure of the effectiveness of disaggregation.
  3. Organic systems compromise 7 different elements
  4. Physical components and structures of the system
  5. Ecosystems that have adaptational evolutionary dynamics
  6. Final measure of effectiveness, relates to which side holds the ________ in the war

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  1. Spontaneous IntelligenceDay to Day events in the insurgency


  2. OutputsEnergy and matter the insurgency takes up from its environment


  3. Economic ActivitySpontaneous local trade industry, industry, and economic development are only possible in an atmosphere of relative stability and security


  4. Measures of EffectivenessIndicators that allow progress to be tracked at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels, and most important to provide an understanding of the key pressure points


  5. LinksPhysical components and structures of the system