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Ebbinghaus' use of nonsense syllables to study memory led to the discovery that:

the amount remembered depends on the time spent learning

Ebbinghaus' retention curve illustrates the value of:


When annesha was asked to memorize a long list of words that included "ship, effort, professor, and inquire" She later recalled these words as "boat, work, teacher, and question. This suggestion that the 4 original words had been encoded:


The use of acronyms to improve ones memory is unfamiliar material best illustrates the value of:


Victoria cant remember Virginias name because she want paying attention when Virginia formally introduced. Victoria's poor memory is best explained in terms of:

encoding failure

When Sperling visually displayed three rows of three letters each for on 1/20th of a second, experimental participant:

had a momentary photographic memory of all nine letters.

By exposing research participants to three rows of three letters each for only a fraction of a second Sperling demonstrated that people have ______ memory:


Long term potential refers to:

an increased neural readiness for impulse transmission

Implicit memory is to explicit memory as:

effort processing is to automatic processing

Damage to the hippocampus would be most likely to interfere with a persons ability to learn:

to ride a bike

Which test of memory typically provides the fewest retrieval cues?:


Watching a TV soap opera involving marital conflict and divorce led Clarisse to recall several instances which her husband had mistreated her. The effect of the TV program on Clarisse's recall provides an example of:


Cassidy and James had a joyful wedding ceremony. After their painful divorce however, they began to remember the wedding as somewhat hectic, unpleasant, and frightening event. Their recollections best illustrates the nature of:

memory construction

Christian is embarrassed because she can suddenly not an acquaintances name. Her loss of memory is most likely from:


Memories of traumatic physical or sexual abuse are most unlikely to be:


Answering practice test questions about textbook material you have studied is a useful strategy for:

becoming aware of what you still need to learn

The misinformation effect best illustrates the dynamics of :

memory construction

Explicit memory is to long term memory as iconic memory is to _______ memory:


Which of the following explains why Ebbinghaus found the task of learning new lists of nonsense syllables increasingly difficult as his research career progressed? :

proactive interference

the 3 basic steps of memory

encoding storage and retrieval

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