20 terms

NorthStar 3 Unit 4 Listening

accent ('accent)
a style of pronunciation
accept (ac'cept)
to approve of people without expecting them to change
aware of (a'ware of)
know about
brilliant; intelligent
code-switching ('code-switching)
moving back and forth between dialects or languages
comment on ('comment on)
give an opinion about
cross the line (cross the 'line)
go beyond funny into something offensive or cruel; behave unacceptably
deal with ('deal with)
handle successfully; take care of a problem
dialect ('dialect)
a variety of speech characterized by its own particular vocabulary, grammar and/or pronunciation, often associated with a particular geographical region or social group; a unique form of a language
fit in (fit 'in)
be similar to
identity (i'dentity)
who a person is; the individual characteristics by which a thing or person is recognized or known
intentionally (in'tentionally)
on purpose
lay off (lay 'off)
stop doing something that is bad or annoying
obviously ('obviously)
unmistakably; clearly
informal words used by people in a particular group
stereotype ('stereotype)
to have ideas about what people are like because of how they look or sound; critically judge people
stick up for (stick 'up for)
defend, support
get hung up about (get hung 'up about)
worry too much about
make a big deal about (make a big 'deal about)
make something more important than it should be
self conscious (self-'conscious)
worried about how one appears to others; not relaxed in front of others