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ulysses S. Grant

Great military leader whose presidency foundered in corruption and political ineptitude

Jim Fisk

Bold and unprincipled financier whose plot to corner the U.S. gold market nearlly succeeded in 1869

Boss Tweed

heavyweight New York political boss whose widespread fraud landed him in jail in 1871

Horace Greeley

Colorful, eccentric newspaper editor who carried the Liberal republican and Democratic banners against Grant in 1872

Jay Cooke

Wealthy new york financier whose bank collapse in 1873 set off an economic depression.

Denis Kearney

irish-born leader of the anti-chinese movement in California

Tom Watson

Radical populist leader whose early success turned sour, and who then became a vicious racist

Roscoe Conkling

Imperious new your senator and leader of the "Stalwart" faction of republicans

James G. Blaine

Charming but corrupt "half-breed" republican senator and presidential nominee in 1884

Rutherford B. Hayes

Winner of the contested 1876 election who presided over the end of Reconstruction and a sharp economic downturn

james Garfield

President whose assassination after only a few months in office spurred the passage of a civil-service law

Jim Crow

Term of the racial segregation laws imposed in the 1890s

Grover Cleveland

First Democratic president since the civil war; defender of laissez-faire economics and low tariffs

William Jennings Bryan

Eloquent young congressman from Nebraska who became the most prominent advocate of "free silver" in the early 1890s

J. P. Morgan

Enormously wealthy banker whose secret bailout of the federal gov't in 1895 aroused fierce public anger

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